Close the risk of new economic crops “Hemp-marijuana.”

Hemp (Cannabis sativa) or hemp with marijuana (Cannabis indica) or marijuana, even Thai people know it. But few people know the difference. Including you and the penalties in-depth Coupled with decades ago, cannabis-marijuana was classified as a category five drug, similar to kratom, opioid, mushroom sap. Most people are, therefore, more aware of the blame than on your side. But the changing trends and trends that are hot all over the world. Both in the United States, Europe, Japan, etc., especially the modification of the law. New rules make way for commercial hemp use of cannabis.

While big businesses in the medical field Business of beverages, food, cosmetics, etc., compete for research and development of new products. Release innovations in extracts, processing, or ingredients from cannabis, hemp, resulting in dangerous drugs becoming a future economic crop.

As in Thailand, the government requires hemp. Cannabis is a new economic crop. It is one of the urgent policies that the state will push. And after a meeting of the Narcotics Control Committee on November 24, 2020, it was resolved to remove some hemp, marijuana from the list of category five drugs.

Is Hemp or CBD legal?

From now on, bringing some hemp Cannabis use is not illegal. It can be used for medical and health purposes, such as producing herbal medicines in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, food, etc., but not for recreational use only.

Some of the unlocked marijuana hemps is 1. Bark, stem, fibers, branches, roots 2. Leaves without shoots or inflorescences. 3. Extracts contain CBD kaufen as a component and not more than 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) by weight 4. Hemp seeds Hemp seed oil or hemp seed extract.

It is a good sign that governments and related agencies have unlocked the benefits of the two plants to create added value. For economic benefits, however, must support and encourage Thai entrepreneurs to Accelerate research and development of innovations Extend Made in Thailand products to earn higher income into the country.

Use of CBD

At the same time, communication must be accelerated to create understanding for all sectors to be aware of know how to use CBD kaufen, cannabis in a creative way because even these two plants have endless benefits. But if used in the wrong way, there is a considerable penalty.

The government, therefore, has to manage risks by enforcing strict laws. Preventing hemp Marijuana is abusing government policy. It is against the will of the law to expect the consequences that are you are not punishable.

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  • What is the difference between cannabis and hemp? What benefits does the law allow?
  • ‘Hemp’ a new economic crop Open the criteria for applying for permission ‘Manufacture-Export-Import.’

Hemp-Cannabis Fever Beware of being a victim

After the government issued the Ministry of Public Health announcement Subject to identifying the names of narcotics of category V, B.E. 2563, all parts of hemp, marijuana, are not narcotics, except for the inflorescences, the leaves attached to the inflorescences, and cannabis seeds By allowing the public to grow under specified conditions, hemp, cannabis is a hot trend. News of the movement is seen every day.

It is sparking hope for a wide range of people, whether small farmers, community enterprises, or small middle businesses, including the country’s most prominent companies. It is a new economic crop that has become a hot topic in the talk of the town level. I will say that this period is the hemp period. Cannabis fever is not wrong.

It’s not just the private sector that doesn’t miss out on the trend. Government agencies, whether it’s the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry of Commerce, or even state enterprises such as the Tobacco Authority of Thailand With many provinces, almost every region has been alert to the policy to promote the production, processing, and marketing of hemp products Cannabis all over.

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