Cloud Storage Platforms: How To Choose The Best Cloud Backup

So what’s the best cloud storage for backup? Cloud backup solutions and cloud storage platforms allow you to create a mirror image backup uploaded over the Internet to a network of servers, providing secure, external storage. 

For the best encrypted cloud storage at home, in the office, or between your company’s clients, keep three copies of your data in at least two different locations, one of them outside the company.

What is cloud storage?

The storage in the cloud allows you to store any files in a digital infrastructure with the convenience of remote administration and backup.

Every day, more people and companies store files in services such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Docs, or Amazon. The transformation with online music or video streaming services is also based on the cloud to access the digital versions. Another advantage is that cloud service providers must ensure the security of the files and their integrity and availability.

Likewise, it is important to note that the cloud provides the possibility of optimizing the System of Agreement of your business.

By implementing modern and comprehensive technology, everything becomes simpler: prepare, sign, execute and manage digital documents from a single screen at any time. Additionally, the information will always be stored and available from anywhere.

Cloud storage platforms: What is the best option for saving files in the cloud?

You have just verified that there are alternatives for all tastes and budgets. If you use Mac and iOS devices, you will most likely prefer iCloud. If you are an advanced Office user, you may choose OneDrive, and if your phone is Android and you like Google services, you will surely stay with Google One.

Or maybe you prefer Amazon Cloud Drive for its unlimited photo space, Mega for its 50 GB free, or Dropbox because it is the first you met and the most popular in office environments.

Cloud storage: analysis and comparison of the best 2021

We have been analyzing and selecting the best cloud service, both individuals and companies. Stay and find out which options fit what you are looking for.

Cloud storage platforms give you access to documents, photos, music, and videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with your data available on any compatible device, as long as you have an Internet connection. 

Cloud storage also makes sharing information easy and a great way to back up all your digital content. We present you with a comparison with the most relevant storage and backup services in the cloud.

The advantages of cloud storage include the following:


The cloud service provider takes responsibility for maintaining and protecting the stored data. This frees us from tasks associated with storage, such as the acquisition, installation, administration, and maintenance of equipment and hardware. This allows you to focus on your work or optimize your time.


As we said, you pay for the capacity you use. On a personal level, it allows you not to have to buy hardware that, in many cases, will remain underused while it depreciates. On a professional level, it enables the business to treat cloud storage costs as an ongoing operating expense rather than a capital expense with the initial investments and associated tax implications.

Data preservation: 

Storing your files outside your home or your company facilities facilitates the recovery of information in the event of theft, fire, disaster, or attack. On a professional level, it allows you to avoid pirates or hacker attacks and alleviate ransomware infections that block normal activity.

The 7 best cloud storage for backup and backup services:

  1. iDrive – Unlimited devices and a multitude of options
  2. BackBlaze – Backup with unlimited storage
  3. Pcloud – Unlimited Storage for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  4. Sync – Cloud for those looking for maximum privacy
  5. Google Drive – Many integration options with apps
  6. OneDrive – Ideal for students and seamlessly integrated with office
  7. Dropbox – Ideal for collaborative work in the cloud Advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage

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