Creating Drama in the Bathroom with Three Elements

Any bathroom can look pretty regardless of its size. It is essentially your designing skills and choice of objects that determine the ultimate impact. If you believe money and spaciousness are two critical factors, you must check some powerful features like murals, rainfall showers, and bathtubs. These can redefine any bathroom merely with their presence. Also, it is essential to remember that even a large bathroom can look crowded and a small one elegant based on how you plan it. Hence, it is predominantly about what you choose and how you apply them to the décor. If you take care of this, nothing can stop you from being successful in your endeavors.

For example, a minor feature like a sink faucet can also do its bit to give your bathroom a new vibe. It is just that you have to pick the one that complements your primary theme. For example, suppose you have light yellow, beige, or white background. Then, you can get one of the elegant bathroom taps in gold finishes. The whole ambiance will suddenly seem to conspire in your favor by rendering to your wishes. Still, it cannot add the amount of drama you may desire to witness in your restroom. For this, you have to rely on larger features. So, let’s pick three of them to assess their contribution.


Available in various sizes, shapes, and designs, these decorative items usually grace your bedroom, living room, and kitchen area. Whether you want to tap into a bohemian nature-like look or a bold and colorful tropical vibe, these fulfill every demand hassle-free. Now, the thing is, these can also join your bathroom décor. If you wanted your private corner of the house to have a touch of luxury and opulence, you know what you need to do to achieve this. You can say goodbye to a bucket full of paint and tiles. Instead, put a tall mural to treat your backdrop with something unique; when you take a bath or shower, you can look at it and forget about your sore muscles.

However, make sure you pick the waterproof option. After all, it will have to tolerate moisture, steam, water, and every other unwanted element. So, this level of security has to be there. If you find choices in this base, you can scout for your favorite theme, which can be anything, right from something focused on meditation and healing to serenity to animals to nature, etc. Some bathrooms use animal and greenery prints quite tactfully with pink and green colors. Another fascinating choice can be monochrome style. It can instantly impart a sense of calmness and relaxation in the surroundings.

In essence, it is up to you to decide whether you aspire for a bold or tried-and-tested sophisticated look through this decorative detail.

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Earlier, there was a notion that bathtubs can adorn only an ample space. That time choices were also limited. Thankfully, the scenario has changed today for the better. Whether you have a small or large restroom, you can benefit from diverse types of bathtubs, including back-to-the-wall to freestanding, and more. Besides, these can be available in exciting colors too. Hence, you can use them as a focal point without worries. But you may wonder what will suit a smaller room. Well, most designers suggest a back-to-the-wall style for its space-saving nature. If you get something in recyclable materials and handpainted, it can be an incredible find. It will endow your bathroom with a majestic appeal.

At the same time, you can expect this design to cater to your different bathing needs. For example, do you want to pamper your body with a spa-like experience? You can eye a copper bathtub shaped like a boat. The copper material can retain temperature for a longer duration than cast-iron models. Hence, you can allow yourself to relax in it a bit more. The water will not turn cold too soon. Or, if you don’t think it can fit your small bathroom, you can search for narrow and taller designs. Something with a pink and white combination can stand out effortlessly.

Still, these are not the ultimate options. Some homeowners may not be willing to let go of a shower or bathtub just because of the bathroom size. For them, shower baths can make a perfect choice. A freestanding bath with a subtle or bold color can look enormously gorgeous with a wall-mounted showerhead. Whether you need to soak yourself a bit or take a quick 2-minute shower, you can turn to it to enjoy its loyalty toward the owner.

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Rainfall shower

Everyone pictures their bathroom to be a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. In this, these shower designs can be an intelligent addition. Whether you attach one to a wall or ceiling, it will pour water in the form of raindrops, giving your tired soul and body an immediate refreshing touch. The good thing is you can get them in sleek, contemporary, classical, and traditional designs. Hence, it doesn’t matter how your bathroom looks. You can expect this feature to cast its charm on you.

However, rainfall showerhead designs can vastly vary, and so will your experiences. That’s why you have to select one based on your personality. For example, some models can offer micro-droplets, some spray and rain, some high and low water pressure, and others a large spread of water. All these quite legitimately depend on the shape and design of the showerheads and their functions. So make sure to learn about each of them before concluding anything.

Genuinely speaking, renovating a bathroom or any other part of the home can be daunting. First-time experiences can be more cumbersome if you don’t have clarity about your design goals. So, it will be better to approach this project with clear-cut choices. However, it doesn’t mean you can afford to be rigid. A bit of flexibility can remove all the roadblocks. Plus, you can finish your bathroom better than your expectations with an open mind. If you hire someone for this job, you must discuss your priorities to avoid any disappointment in the future. Consult a best bathroom renovations perth professional even if you’re planning a small-scale remodel or intend to do some of the work yourself. Professionals understand what your budget can buy and can offer sound advise on how to save money and where to splurge.

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