Custom Flag Printing to Improvise your Marketing Efforts

Marketing is a big part of business, which could be an overwhelming affair to the administrators who are not sure how to start and the best avenues to use. Even though online marketing is a big thing around, one should never ignore the power of conventional physical marketing. There are many marketing and promotional strategies traditional marketers still effectively leverage to drag in customer attention and bring in more conversions.

As with what social media advertising can do for you, a promotional activity like a custom flag display can also do a lot. Implementing some customized flag signage at your business premises and other noticeable places as your representation can positively contribute to better footfalls and extra sales.

A study done by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has shown that nearly 84% of the drivers pass by paying attention to outdoor advertising. This means that you have a very prospective 84% target audience to draw attention through custom flags.

What custom flags to use?

Deciding on the type and size of your outdoor custom flags is important. Here are a few options you may consider.

  • Feather flags

Feather flags are very popular nowadays, which come in different sizes from 5 feet to 15 feet or more. You can find such flags playing a role in restaurants, markets, parties, festivals, sporting venues, and more. These can be used both indoors and outdoors as a promo tool.

  • Rectangle flags

Rectangle flags are the traditional outdoor marketing tool, which can be made in various sizes from 2 feet to 12 feet. This model of the custom flag is used at auto dealerships. If you plan to maximize the space for the promotional flag, then a rectangle flag is the ideal choice.

  • Teardrop flags

Teardrop flags are not as popular as the feather and rectangle flats, but it is still a great choice in custom flags as a marketing tool. These flags may range from 6 feet to 10 feet in size. You can use these to display some quick messages, company logos, or for promotional purposes.

  • Standard flags

These are usually 3×5 flags, mostly used at sporting teams, schools, food trucks, etc. The standard flags are usually 2 feet x 3 feet to 5 feet x 8 feet or so. These are ideal for pinpointing the location and for adding the company logo and name.

All these types of custom flags can be effectively personalized to reflect the brand philosophy. As for how the sporting teams flaunt their branded flags to keep the fan following loyal, businesses can also use the same strategy to attract and convert customers to loyal followers using custom flags. These promotional flags can be made in any possible way with single or double-sided printing. The only thing to keep in mind while making custom flags is that the message you try to share through it must be simple, quick, and easy to register.

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