Cyber forensics: Everything that you need to know

Cyberforensics, in short, is the accumulation of evidential data pertaining to cybercrime and blackmailing. The first and most important aspect of this is making a copy of all the data present on the evidential device so no damage is done to the device and there is no hindrance in the investigation. التحقيق الجنائي الرقمي oversee the investigations in such cases.

The main aim is to find the source of the leak in the device. This is called malware. Malware is a system that results in data infringement. It can be located in the machine, and unbeknownst to the owner, it can alter, delete or send the data to the 3rd party who uses it for their purposes. Systems like الأمن السيبراني are generally used to protect data.

A recent example of the illicit use of this data is blackmailing. Hackers find sensitive and confidential information in a device and gain access to it. They then use this information to blackmail the owner into paying them money.

How do cyber forensics operate?

Cyberforensics undergo a multitude of standard procedures in order to trace the criminals. The first step they take is to make a complete copy of all the data on the affected device. This is in case the hacker still has access to the device and alters any evidence during investigations.

This copy is checked to be a complete copy of everything and ensure nothing is left behind. This also includes making sure everything is copied in the same format, so no changes are made whatsoever in order to make the evidence as authentic as possible.

The forensic teams also try to recover any and all deleted files. The hacker could have deleted these files and may contain sensitive information that can prove any motive or clues towards the hacker’s identity.

All of this data must be presented quickly to understand even without any background knowledge in IT. This is so it is coherent for judges, lawyers, and police officers involved in the case.

The need for forensics

As long as there are data breaches, there will be a need for forensic science. Data breaches are when a hacker gains access to the contents of a device through a weak point in the security system. With the constant development in hacker technology and advanced forms of malware, cybercrime is on the rise, resulting in the importance of forensics being on the rise.

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