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Download Instagram Photos In Your Mobile or Desktop

Instagram has become the gen-z app. New generation is hooked onto the amazing feed and features offered by the app. We are aware about the obsession of people with pictures and the constant will to share as much as we can. Instagram witnesses more than 50 million pictures being uploaded on the platform every day. These pictures come from day to day life, comedy, meme, business, inspiration, awareness and motivation. Amidst these pictures there are certain pictures that we instantly crush on. Now with Instagram holding out so much for you, it prioritizes the privacy of any account, hence Instagram prohibits downloading any media from Instagram. But we still have the urge to keep those amazing photos to ourselves. Now asking the user to send it across is not feasible every time hence we have enlisted a few ways for you to download and save Instagram photos directly to your gallery.

  1. Take a screenshot: Whenever you come across a picture on Instagram and feel like saving it, the easiest way out is taking a screenshot. You can simply take a screenshot of the post or story to keep it with you in your gallery. Your whole screen along with the image is captured. Further you can crop the image to get the exact picture you wished to download. You can use this method to download pictures but post cropping the clarity and resolution of the image is set to decrease.
  2. Using third-party application: This is the best and most efficient method to save any picture from Instagram in original size and resolution. There are many third-party applications that help you download Instagram pictures from posts and stories instantly and directly into your gallery. These Instagram photo downloading apps are available on every browser and use AI technology to easily download any picture. To download any picture using these apps, simply move to that post and tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the post. Now select the ‘copy link’ option to copy the link to that image. Open the instazoom website and simply paste this link into the field provided. The app instantly opens this image, now simply tap on the download button over the image to save it to your gallery.
  3. Save within the platform: Instagram might not have given you the option of downloading pictures but it does provide you a way to save these posts in the app itself. You can easily save any Instagram picture in your Instagram saved. If you use Instagram you must have seen an inverted ribbon in the bottom right corner of every post, simply tap on this ‘save to saved folder’ button and the post will be saved to your saved folder. You can even save reels and igtv videos to this folder. To view these pictures simply go to your profile and tap on the menu button, now select the saved button and you can view all your saved pictures from here. You cannot store Instagram stories in this
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