Dragon Mythology: From Myth to Pop Culture

Because of the entertainment industry’s imaginative nature, there’s scope to explore mythical concepts. Nowadays, myths are at the forefront of a whole host of different creations across the film, gaming, and online casino sectors. Over the years, these markets have experimented with mythical concepts, although few have captivated audiences quite like dragon mythology. The genre has stood the test of time, and now increasing numbers of developers continue to make entertainment out of the myth. So, let’s look at how dragon mythology has gone from folklore to pop culture phenomenon.   

More Than Just a Story 

Dragons traditionally appear as large serpent-like creatures that are depicted as being able to breathe fire in medieval Europe. This hasn’t altered over time, although perceptions of the fiery folklore beast are continually changing. Despite the fearsome nature of dragon mythology, films like The Hobbit and Harry Potter portray the creature as being tame once overcome. Within dragon mythology, there are several tropes connected to the beast. For example, folklore stories often have dragons as protectors of treasures, and that’s true even in Harry Potter. In the much-loved franchise, the Gringott’s Dragon guards the bank’s high-security vaults.   

As touched on above, films aren’t alone in exploring myths, with the online casino sector centering many of their modern-day developments around dragons. The folklore creature is now a pop culture icon, and that’s evident from the vast selection of games at that incorporate dragon themes. However, the genre does follow in Harry Potter’s footsteps in depicting the beast as a protector of treasure. In Dragon Kingdom – Eyes of Fire, the title’s backdrop is a cave that’s full of gold coins. Dragon’s Fire Megaways adopts a similar style, using a gold-filled chamber as the background scene. 

Dragons are Popular Across Various Entertainment Streams 

Few can argue that dragon mythology hasn’t become a go-to theme within the film and online casino sectors. However, the concept is also popular across other entertainment streams. In March 2021, Netflix unveiled Dota: Dragon’s Blood, an eight-episode series based on Dota 2, the multiplayer online battle arena game. According to, the production sees Davion, the Dragon Knight, become embroiled in a battle to take revenge on the mythical creatures.   

In addition to Dota: Dragon’s Blood, Game of Thrones’ success speaks volumes about the modern-day appeal of dragons. The magical beasts appear throughout the 59-time Emmy Award-winning show, and, as touched above, they’re used as creatures of war after being tamed. Furthermore, Game of Thrones stays true to the folklore stories, with the series’ dragons being able to breathe fire. 

Moreover, dragons are also a popular feature in mainstream gaming. In fact, in Skyrim, which won the Kerrang! Award for the Best Video Game in 2012, dragons appear throughout the map and attack randomly at outdoor locations. There are many different species within the title, but, according to, Paarthurnax is the most dangerous because of its wisdom, which stems from the beast’s desire to protect future humans and dragons.   

A Journey from Folklore Stories to Reaching Global Audiences 

Dragon mythology consists of various folklore stories, and that’s what makes the myth so captivating. Irrespective of whether dragons are tamed protectors or fire-breathing creatures of war, they’ve got a place in film, gaming, and casino productions. While perceptions vary from one development to another, that speaks volumes about the depth of dragon mythology.

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