Dreaming of America: ranking of the best cities to live, work and play

This article is for those planning to move to the United States. Which cities have the strongest labor market and the highest standard of living? Where the cost of rent does not force you to frantically calculate how to last until the end of the month, and buying your own house does not seem like a pipe dream? We present a ranking of the best cities in the United States.

As part of an annual survey specialists have identified 100 American cities, showing where America lives well and where not. Lodo Area Denver is also one of the most ideal places to live for budget-oriented customers.

Salt Lake City

Rounding out the top ten is the capital of Utah. One of the most attractive moments here is, of course, nature. Situated along the Wasatch Mountains, Salt Lake City offers ski resorts, five national parks and absolute comfort surrounded by greenery. In winter, you will fully enjoy the snow, although the average temperature is about -1C. Summers are warm here, with an average temperature of + 24C.

Career opportunities are no less attractive than sports and cultural opportunities. With a population of 2.3 million unemployed – only 3.3%. The cost of real estate here is higher than the national average. A house in Salt Lake City will cost you $ 250,000 (for comparison, the US average is $ 211,700). But living here is cheaper than in other cities. With an average annual salary of $ 44,750, rent would cost roughly $ 900 a month.

Salt Lake City attracts a diverse audience. The center is mainly home to young professionals and graduates of colleges and universities, and in the suburbs, families with children and the elderly are more common.

Des Moines

The capital of Iowa is preferred by families with children. Along with technological sophistication, life in the suburbs is quiet and comfortable here. Despite its small size and population of 600,000, there is plenty to do here: restaurants and boutiques, festivals and cultural events, many green spaces and plenty of hiking and outdoor activities.

Living in Des Moines is not as expensive as in other American cities. You can rent a house here for as little as $ 800, and buy a house for a little less than $ 170,000. With an average annual salary of $ 47,170, this is more than realistic. And there will be no problems with work, given the unemployment rate of 3.5%. Although recently property prices have been rising here, especially in the suburbs. And the offers on the market do not linger.

The temperature here in winter is about -4C, and in summer – + 24C. But you cannot complain about the lack of precipitation. But what room for winter games.


The capital of Massachusetts, with a population of 4.7 million, is diverse. Historic sights, tech companies, rich cultural and sports spheres … There are opportunities for one and all – that’s probably why young people flock to Boston.

But not everyone will take root here, because this is one of the most expensive cities in the United States. You will have to overpay 15-28% for medical care and food. The average home price is $ 323,000, but prices vary greatly depending on the area. For example, in Back Bay, cottages are sold for $ 1.5 million, and in South Boston, you can easily find options at times cheaper. You might also consider finding roommates in Boston if you are looking for a more affordable housing option.

Unemployment is low Рonly 3.6%, and with an average salary of $ 63,000 per year, you can afford to spend $ 1,230 per month on rent. The climate is temperate: in winter, the temperature rarely drops below 0C, and in summer it is within + 20C. 

Raleigh and Durham

Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill are renowned for their fields of science and technology. North Carolina’s so-called Exploration Triangle lures nearly 80 new residents every day through a constant need for new staff. Therefore, most of the locals are young and educated. It’s easy to make new friends here – perhaps it will happen in the first turn in the supermarket.

Natural beauty, local parks, as well as music, cinema, museums attract here. And the climate here is mild: in summer – around + 26C, in winter – + 6C.

Living in Raleigh and Durham isn’t all that expensive. With an average annual salary of $ 51,100, rent will have to pay about $ 910 per month, and to buy your own house you will need about $ 220,120. But the price tag can be very different depending on the area: from $ 70,000 in the south to $ 650,000 in the Cameron Park area … Due to the low taxes on real estate, the spending on upkeep will not be as heavy as in other large technology centers.

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