Earnity Talks: Product Development Practices for the DeFi Ecosystem

Consider a fully automated platform that claims to make payments extremely accessible to anybody in the world, regardless of their location. With Decentralized Finance (DeFi), this promise is a reality, and Earnity founders Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa have created a one-stop social-first platform for digital assets. You may do any financial activity using DeFi with just a smartphone and an Internet connection, which is more efficient and secure than traditional ways.

The DeFi industry is rapidly growing, optimizing our financial activities while also adding a layer of security and transparency. However, rapid expansion is invariably followed by a swift decline.

DeFi consists of only a few lines of code that control everything. These lines of code are written in a smart contract, distributed on a Blockchain network, and then linked to your usual frontend and backend to give a users platform that allows them to profit.

Earnity co-founders Dan Schat and Domenic Carosa admonish everyone to pay attention to what the communities say about cryptocurrency and digital asset trading. These users are often willing to share their thoughts and provide feedback, especially in social media groups or Twitter. A few may even attempt to contact you directly in an attempt to promote some new offering.

Various decentralized financial applications and initiatives have failed, not because of a lack of technology or innovation but due to a careless approach toward business analysis. If you want to build a decentralized financial app, you’ll need to examine your vision and ideas; it’s a must-do in this field.

For DeFi growth to continue, specific policies must be followed to guarantee that this space grows in the appropriate direction. It isn’t easy to go back after experiencing the benefits of DeFi. Thus it goes without saying that the future of money is decentralized.

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