Easy way to buy fake diploma

“Buying a diploma in USA, UK, Canada is a phrase that makes you want to buy a diploma in USA, UK, Canada. You have come to the right place, because you can search and search for a more professional team that has been working in the field of these services for many years,” begins the advertising text on the website, which sells fake educational documents.

Here they are sold in the open, like tomatoes in the bazaar. It is noticeable that people are not afraid of anything. Not surprisingly, the services of such businessmen are used by the “powers of this world.” For example, with a fake diploma, Andrei Kislinsky even held the adviser positions to the president and deputy head of the Security Service.

Buy a diploma

Ordering a document on such a site is easy. It is necessary to fill in the application, having specified all personal data, high school on which the diploma you count, a specialty, years of “study.” You can become a nuclear physicist or a doctor in just a couple of days for $ 1,800; if you don’t have enough money for an original form with a state mark – you can order a copy for only $ 800. They sell not only plastic diplomas of higher education but also certificates ($ 1,600) and diplomas of vocational schools ($ 1,300), old-style diplomas in the form of a book ($ 1,300).

The RIA journalist decided to try to buy a higher education diploma, conducted based on databases of the school and the Ministry of Education – it turned out – also not a problem. You can buy USA diploma or buy fake GED diploma Canada to enrich your profile.

 Buy the present diploma.

Such documents are just a forgery, which is not confirmed in the relevant registers of educational institutions, but if you try, you can buy an actual diploma. Acquaintances brought an RIA journalist to a man who promised to make an actual diploma of a very prestigious Vinnytsia University. Let’s call him conditionally – Vasily.

“I’ll just have to wait a year.” We will issue a transfer from another university, you will have to “study” in our university for a year, and then you will take your diploma. The price is 12 thousand dollars – he promised.

– Will you still have to study?

– No, of course. Everything will be decided there.

Vasily is one of the networks of intermediaries; he claims that he has never seen the performers in person, and he transfers and receives money and documents through another intermediary. You can also buy documents from Vasily cheaper: a diploma on the original form – $ 1,500, a copy – $ 500. He offers diplomas of the old Soviet model at a ridiculous price – 1,500 hryvnias, a diploma supplement – 500 hryvnias. And a bunch of different certificates, diplomas, and other paper tinsel at different prices.

Forgery of diplomas is a crime.

Why is it so easy to buy a fake diploma and use it? The press service of the regional police says that the difficulty with exposing counterfeiters is that the sale of counterfeits is now carried out online.

– Forgery and use of forged documents are subject to Article 358 of the Criminal Code. This is a criminal offense. Sooner or later, people who do this will be prosecuted. Another question is that buying and selling counterfeits over the Internet is much easier, and finding such people is more complicated. But this does not save; they can be tracked down and prosecuted. Those who want to buy a fake document must also remember that using a knowingly forged document is also subject to criminal liability, – said the head of the public relations department of the regional police Anna Oleynik.

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