Everything You Should Know About Adhesives

You might know what adhesives are, or maybe not. Do not worry, as this article will take you through a quick review of what they are, their types, features, and their uses.

There are several types of adhesive tapes used for different kinds of surfaces. Therefore, when selecting an adhesive tape, one should consider the type of surface they will be using it on, if they need it for long-term or short-term use, or the specifications mentioned by the customer. Some of the types of adhesive tapes include sound damping adhesive, thermoset adhesives, BLU adhesive, phenolic neoprene, acrylic adhesive, and polyurethane.

Sound Damping Adhesives

Green glue and (PL) Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive are examples of adhesives used for soundproofing/dampening. The green glue is considered more economical and can be used on walls, ceilings and floors. PL is regarded as three times stronger than other adhesives and is resistant to extreme weather conditions. It is used on drywalls, metals, bricks, and more similar surfaces.

Thermoset Adhesives

Thermoset adhesives mainly have high thermal stability, strength, hardness, and resistance to moisture. They include Phenolic formaldehyde (PF) resins, Phenolic nitrile, Epoxy resins, etc. They are used in woodworking, laminating materials, bonding metal to metal, bonding glass, ceramics, wood, and many more.

Polyurethane Adhesives

They are multipurpose thermoplastic glue that can harden quickly. It bonds various materials like carpets, wood, concrete, and glass. Therefore, it is majorly used in the furniture, flooring, carpeting, and construction industries. They are considered ideal due to their ability to harden quickly, their resistance to heat and chemicals, excellent versatility, and easy application.

Acrylic Adhesive

Majorly used in the construction industry, acrylic adhesives are resin-based. Being very strong, they can withstand solvents and moisture, are durable, have resistance to UV exposure, and many other properties which make them suitable for use. They can be used in liquid and paste form as well as used generally in thin-film form. In addition, they can fill large gaps between substrates, joining and sealing window mounts, and further used in aerospace and automotive manufacturing.

There is a growing demand for adhesives as they are widely used domestically and industrially. For example, adhesives such as blu tack can be used in homes to clean keyboards, attach posters and lightweight canvas on walls. In contrast, adhesives like polyurethane can be used in the construction industry on a larger scale. Some of the sectors that majorly use adhesives include the furniture, transportation, and electronics industries.

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