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Fashionable Ways to Wear Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are trending hot right now. These earrings are cool, playful, and elegant. You can easily spot them on the lobes of popular stars and fashion bloggers. Traversing a long way from the ’90s, ear cuffs are a big name even today. These earrings boast a wide collection and are available in various shapes, designs, and themes. In general, an ear cuff appears like a bobby pin fixed to your ears. So let your ears grab the attention they want and explore the points enlisted below on how to wear ear cuffs to achieve different looks.

#1. Majestic ear cuffs:

A generously sized full ear cuff earrings are a statement piece for bold and fashion lover ladies. These earrings bejewel your ears from up to down and feature extravagant detailing. The heavy look imparted by these earrings can add liveliness to your outfit. For an edgy party look, these particular kinds of ear cuffs are great to be worn.

#2. Ear jackets:

For a discreet and girlish appearance, a subtle piece of ear jacket works amazing. These earrings are very basic but are elegant ones. This fine piece of earrings is best to accompany any outfit. To initiate conversations, look for ear jacket earrings in solitaire. The finesses and subtle elegance of these earrings will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

#3. Helix ear cuffs:

These helix ear cuff earrings will help you earn millions of compliments. These earrings showcase a fake piercing effect as we get with back clip earrings. These earrings are named so because they are worn on the helix of your ears. For a packed look, you can go for multiple ear cuffs. Moreover, these ear cuffs are available in varied designs. Pair them with skinny-fit jeans and sneakers for a perfect look.

#4. Crystal ear cuffs:

If your dress is a bit dull and boring, then consider pairing it with a pair of glitzy crystal ear cuff earrings. Embedded with sparkling crystals, these ear cuffs provide you a distinct look. You can effortlessly style these earrings with casual, party, and other trendy ensembles. Crystal studded ear crawlers and winged ear crawlers are perfect to radiate elegance through every angle.

#5. Ear cuffs with double chain:

Unconventional and conversation sparking, the double chain ear pin is perfect to flaunt your unique fashion sense. When you don them, definitely you will become a fashion inspiration. People will envy you looking at your rocking style. The double chain ear pins are available in different metal hues, plus, they have multiple variations. This is the piece of accessory you need to add a fierce vibe to your outfit. And if you don’t want chunky pieces, you can also go for the one with a dainty chain. Though these earrings may look heavy, they are light and easy to don.

Now that you know how to wear ear cuff, it’s time to go shopping. Whether you head to purchase pure gold coins or jewelry, you have to be equally cautious as a smart shopper for a good shopping experience.

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