Features to Check When Investing in a Web Time Clock for Your Hospitality Business

The hospitality industry is rapidly growing, and so are the employment rates. If you want to track your employees’ performance every day, you need a good web time clock to record their activities. Once you start using it, you can track correct employee time via smartphones, tablets, and computers from any location.

So what are the features to look for when buying such a time tracking software for your hospitality business?

24/7 Tracking

You need user-friendly software that helps to track every activity of all employees during working hours. With a web time clock, you can even keep a record of their lunch and dinner breaks.

The software comes with advanced features such as device locking and geo-fencing that help you detect the punching by others. Some of the options also help to manage various employee groups depending on their departments and pay rates.

An advanced time clock also offers several reporting features such as time-off tracking, attendance, and payroll.

Detailed Reporting

Go for time clock software that gives you access to various reporting facilities. Do time tracking accurately, but you cannot do it without data interpretation via reporting features. The software also delivers extra information such as attendance reports and customizable options.

You can easily find software that gives time tracking information and periodical activity analysis, billing, and payroll records.

Strong Interface

Look for a strong interface when investing in a web time clock. With such an interface, you and your workforce can navigate easily. Ensure the software is user-friendly with more personalized setting options.

Once you install the best software, it handles everything related to time tracking in your hospitality business.

Data Accumulation

Your time tracking software should be capable of data collection and management. You should be able to track employee punch times easily. A high-quality online time clock helps gather all-inclusive data related to time tracking in your company.

The software should record employee gratuities, allow them to apply for time offs, and record the total time duration invested in a specific activity.

As every hospitality business has various payroll needs, you need to ensure the time tracking software you install can meet your requirements. The system also helps in job costing, and thus, you can find the sources of labor costs.


No matter which web time clock you install, it should be able to manage the collected data effectively. So, look for a time tracking software that can manage how you pay employees overtime, comprise the type and number of reports your hospitality business needs, and manage workers’ leaves and accruals.

Carefully assess the ways the online time clock system can edit and adjust employee time card information. The editing and modification are quite time-consuming activities related to the employee attendance system because of their leaves and additional breaks.

In a Nutshell

When selecting an online time clock for your hospitality business, you are investing in a system that would contribute to its success. So, focus the most on the selection process to check the benefits offered by a time tracking software that won’t lead to any negative consequences.

It is advisable to prepare a full list of requirements that you and your employees have currently for the new online time tracking software. Conduct extensive research and select the perfect time clock program to run your hospitality business as smoothly as ever.

Opt for the free trials to test every web clock’s features and facilities. If you try various versions built by several companies, you can easily choose the best time clock depending on their key features and suited to your requirements.

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