Feeling Comfortable When Traveling

Most ardent travelers will attest to the fact that making trips the world over can prove exciting, but make you homesick most times. The excitement of the new place stays for a few days before you start missing home. It’s never about the physical location per se, but the little things that endear you to your home that make you homesick. It can involve the feeling of security, warmth of familiarity, etc.

So how can you stay on the road but avoid feeling homesick? Check this list, crafted by

Ways of Carrying the Home Feeling with Your While Travelling

  • Buy a locally manufactured incense, essential oil, or candle with a familiar fragrance. It can prove useful in reminding you and making you feel comfortable in a strange land or location of the world. Scents always make us connect with specific memories, and this can prove valuable in lifting or changing your mood.
  • Pack some pictures of family members and friends. It’s always crucial to print some photos of favorite individuals in your life that mean a lot to you. Since printouts don’t take a lot of your luggage space, you can comfortably carry them along on your trip and use them to decorate your new home. You can put them in the living room to initiate conversations with neighbors and visitors.
  • Prepare a favorite and meaningful meal to transport you back home. A delicacy can have the same effect as that of a fragrance and connect you to a specific place and time. It can involve your favorite dish or a grandmother’s recipe of pasta and sauce. All you need to ensure entails preparing a delicacy that holds the most meaning to your life and will make you connect more with your new place.
  • Carry along your own comfort creations. Well, every city or place has its own unique style in terms of décor, dressing style, etc. As such, you can carry stuff like scarves or pillowcases to inject your own personality and concepts to whatever you find working in the new place. For instance, a large scarf can double up as a comforter while lounging on the sofa at night. Such creations can make you feel like you never left home while in your new space.
  • New places can prove strange, especially with new experiences such as alien birds calls, etc. To avoid getting homesick because of the weirdness of it all, especially in a new silent house, try and play some of your chosen music and tunes to feel and make the space homely.
  • Purchase new plants at the resident market. Living plants can prove a real morale booster in a home setup. So buy a few plants, either succulents or flowers to help improve the aura of your new house.
  • Spare some room for house clothes in your suitcase. In most instances, you will pack clothes while hitting the road with specific activities in mind. It can include clothes for a night out, warm clothes, etc. However, it’s crucial to consider packing some house clothes that will make you feel at home in your new residence.
  • Develop a night-time or morning routine to ensure you don’t feel homesick while on the road. Read your favourite book or find some interesting papers samples.
  • Ensure you remain linked to family and friends back home either through skype, zoom, WhatsApp, and other available avenues.


Home brings security, warmth, comfort, and love. As such, considering the above-discussed tips can ensure you have the home feeling wherever you travel to.

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