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At Mere Mentor, we offer a class service in helping you pick up a career and climb your career ladder with no hassle, doubt or fear. We, the Best Career Guidance in India, are the leading digital platform offering career guidance, career preference and career decision making sources with a blend of human expertise and technology. 

Why seek our online career counselling program?

We at Mere Mentor offer an exclusive online career counselling program for school and college students, graduates, and working professionals. You can make use of the free access to our career library and informative blogs and take an assessment to get your career report and 15 mins free counselling with our experienced counsellors. 


  • Help you choose your career wisely
  • Give you clarity by clearing all your doubts
  • Research and filter the options according to your interests and ability
  • Motivate you by giving you a personalised action plan to follow
  • Give you endless support in achieving your goal

Take a walk through Mere Mentor’s online career counselling process

  • Digital Career Library

Our career library with more than 200+ courses and its scope is listed and arranged alphabetically, making it easy for the user to access. Each career is explained in detail and is one of the vital tools of our website that makes us unique. You will get exposure to the plethora of opportunities and ideas about a particular course upon diving through our career library and evaluating the pros and cons. 

  • Career Assessment

One might be confused: What to do next? Which stream to choose? How to switch careers from existing ones? What are all the skills to improve? To answer all your doubts and questions, we have career assessments. We have built our tests according to different age groups. Our psychometric tests explore multiple components and help students and professionals to know their interests, abilities, passion and skills better, thus shaping their future. 

  • Career Report

Once the assessments get completed, the counsellors will go through your tests and come up with an accurate report after analysing your weaknesses, strengths, ability and passion. Based on your education, skills, values, background and assessment results, they strain the numerous options and suggest suitable careers.

  • Individual career counselling

We offer free 15-min online career counselling with our highly skilled counsellors. Sitting with professional counsellors will give you clarity before choosing the right career option. The detailed session with the mentors will benefit the students and also the parents in letting their kids choose the path they love. They talk about your career report and align jobs accordingly. They also give you an idea about grooming your skills to land you in a good post.

  • Action Plan

What makes us the Online Career Guidance in Bangalore different is the action plan we offer after your assessments and individual career counselling. There are a lot of counsellors who think that their job gets over right after they counsel their clients. But we stay connected to the clients and offer them a personalised action plan to achieve their passion. This shows how dedicated and how professional our team of counsellors are. 

  • Expert Connect

We offer you an exclusive session with an educational expert or a professional from the career you opted for to inspire, clear all your doubts, and give you clarity regarding the subject, its workspace and its scope. Sitting with an expert will provide the enthusiasm to take forward your career step with josh and trust. 

End-to-end support

We are the best in our customer service. And our counsellors will assist you starting from the first query till your last. We provide credible and reliable information for all your questions, and we stay committed and dedicated to our work. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Informational blogs

We provide free access to our educative blogs. You can widen your knowledge and perspective by going through our blogs about different careers, courses, and skills. The contents of our blogs are researched, updated, authentic, and trustable. You can improve a new skill, build a resume, improve your communication skills, etc., or get an idea about various subjects by walking through our blogs.

On what new things we are working on?

We are working on new products like curricula for kindergarten kids and government and NGO projects. We are also on the verge of exploring different things like information on exam stress-busters and creating educative content for all age groups.

Wrap out

Online Career Counselling is a peculiar concept, and we, the Best Online Career Guidance in India are tailored to provide you with the best career counselling online for free. We also have products that are available on payment. But one can make use of the assessments, access to the career library and 15-min counselling with a mentor for free of cost. 


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