Finest Vacuum cleaners popular in the market today

Vacuum cleaner is a device designed to collect dust, dirt and other small particles on floors. Vacuum cleaners are able to reach all corners of services in order to make it clean by removing dirt. This article concentrates on the best vacuum cleaners in Kenya.

A vacuum cleaner works by sucking dirt from all surfaces by use of electricity. Due to atmospheric pressure brought about by the vacuum, dirt and other particles move towards the suction point and are able to be sucked in. It is important to know the best vacuum cleaners available in the market

1. Canister vacuums

This type of cleaners is the best in cleaning dirt in soft floors like those of offices, hotel rooms and others. It also cleans hard floors for example, those of stadiums, restaurants and others. The potential to clean excellently both types of loss makes it the best since it gets to save a lot. One doesn’t need   to buy a vacuum cleaner for soft floors and another one for hard floors.

2. Handheld vacuums

This cleaner is advantageous, especially when it comes to reaching some parts of surfaces or even car parts that can’t be reached easily. This type of cleaner is also meant for easier cleaning of the kitchen floor. This vacuum cleaner is very useful on big messes especially if one has kids in their household.

3. HEPA vacuums

HEPA vacuums are one of the best in collecting 99.97% dust particles. Its High Efficiency Particulate Air(HEPA) filter vacuum allows it to deliver quality work. This is one of the best vacuum cleaners in Kenya. It helps in solving problems for those who have allergies when they inhale dust. This helps to end that problem of sneezing and ensure the house or the place is clean and tidy.

4. Robot vacuums

As the name suggests, they have sensors that can detect dirt and clean very well. It is able to sense other furniture hence preventing any form of damage. It cleans all the parts reachable, since it can detect places that are free from furniture and other properties. This saves you energy since it is computerized. Once you set it up then it will do all cleaning without being controlled.

5. Stick vacuums

These are smaller in size and lighter than other ones. This makes it easy to move around. This stick vacuum lightweight, helps even the older people to use them very easily. Also, it being light indicates it has no complicated system, hence producing less noise. This is a great advantage for those who crave for noise free areas.


The above are the best of the best vacuum cleaners. They function at level best. Some can be energy consuming in terms of electrical power, but they ensure you have great results and make you proud. It is worth purchasing the vacuum cleaner since it saves a lot, for example, costs. And other advantages associated with them, for example, dealing with allergies and saving time.

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