Five Habits of Highly Compassionate People

Compassion derives from Latin, which means to suffer together and feel empathy for others. It involves being attentive to the sense of suffering, feeling emotionally moved by it, and wishing relief from that suffering. It doesn’t only mean to feel another person’s pain but a readiness to take action to help relieve their sufferings.

Biological Basis of Compassion

According to the biological basis of compassion, research shows that our hearts slow down, and the body secretes oxytocin (a bonding hormone) when we feel compassion. In addition, it lights up the points of the brain related to empathy and feelings of pleasure. Thus, we feel motivated to take steps to help others ease their pain.

Top Five Habits of Highly Compassionate People

Only compassionate people would do these five things. Let’s see if you are one of those.

● Value People over Money

Materialistic things don’t matter to highly compassionate people as they value people and emotions over money. They don’t enjoy a growing bank account and don’t think twice before giving to the less fortunate. Their love for people and experiences is unconditional. That’s why they attract a lot of positive energy as they radiate so much of it.

● Willing To Share Their Knowledge

Since they are always motivated to help others, compassionate people strongly believe that knowledge is useless if not shared. They don’t like to withhold information to appear superior. Instead, they will share what they know, especially with those they think will find it valuable.

● Highly In Touch with Their Emotions

All compassionate people are precisely in tune with their inner emotions that help them give strong advice to others through their hard times. They also have high emotional intelligence and empathize with others. To get inspired,  follow John de Ruiter, a Canadian philosopher, and author.

● Prioritize Others’ Needs above Theirs

When they deeply care for other people, compassionate people always put their needs above theirs. Such people always volunteer to help in tough times and always have their backs. They never leave your side and always try to lighten your burden even if they face difficulties themselves.

● Don’t Judge Others

Compassionate people accept people as they are and let go of any judgments. They completely understand that people have different perspectives on viewing things, and they have different ways of expressing themselves. Thus, they always respect others without criticizing if they are not on the same wavelength.

Benefits of Being Compassionate

One of the great impacts of compassion is that it contributes to a life of purpose. It plays a role in better health as it feels good to help others and live a meaningful life. You will experience less depression when you are fueled by kindness and compassion. Moreover, John de Ruiter has awakened many people to a meaningful life purpose with his great message; the entrance to deeper truth lies within the knowledge of the heart.


Highly compassionate people notice when other people are in trouble and approach their problems as their own. They are great listeners and accept people’s flaws without judging them. Such people are always there in times of hardships, even if they are uncomfortable. Respect and be grateful for such people around you.

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