Five Ways to Effectively Enforce HOA Rules

Making sure your HOA community follows the rules of your association is a job a board member must perform. However, some homeowners may break the rule and a board member may not follow up with them. Phoenix hoa management companies have seen minor mistakes on HOA rules add up to significant issues for the board. They can help the board keep rules at the forefront of their community members’ minds. Here’s how:

Setting Simple Rules

When an HOA board creates its community rules, it has to keep them clear and simple, so the community can follow them easily. When rules are kept simple, the board can prevent future complications and allow members of the community to know the expectations of the board. For instance, when a community allows pets, there should be rules that state the kinds of pets that homeowners can have. The board can be specific with the breed, size restrictions, or the number of pets homeowners can have. 

Ensure Consistency

Community rules that tend to change frequently make it difficult for community members to follow them. If an HOA board needs to change its rules, it must make sure the community knows and such changes are slowly rolled out, so the community can adjust. 

Ensure the HOA Rules are Enforced Across the Community

When a board is lax on the association rules, community members may refuse to follow them. If a board wants a change, it has to start with itself. This can be done by examining the property of every board member and make sure everything is following the rules. Often, to effectively lead a community, the board must set an example. 

Ensure Proper Communication

To maintain rules consistency or introduce new rules properly, the board must prioritize communication. No matter the changes made, homeowners must be updated through meeting agendas or notices. Homeowners who are not aware of the rules won’t be forced to follow them. By keeping a community informed will make it easier for the board to enforce association rules. Partnering with experienced HOA managers provides the board with the necessary tools to consistently and accurately communicate with members of a community. 

Work on Revisions

Sometimes, association rules do not work for a community. If an HOA rule is consistently being violated despite enforcement efforts, the rule may have an issue itself. This requires the board to sit down with its association manager and make necessary revisions to the rule. 

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