Floating Vanity Set: A Contemporary Interior of Master Bathroom

The exotic interior of a master bathroom always includes cabinetry because without storage you will feel messy with the essential refreshment items in your shower session. As well as after returning from any celebration or get together, while you enter the bathroom, you need to find out essential items for daily refreshments promptly. Only well-arranged items in a well-equipped vanity set can ease your job before making an entry into the walk-in shower.

While you are not feeling cosy with the traditional cupboards of your old-model bathroom, you should take a break to plan an exclusive bathroom makeover along with modish floating cabinetry.

Core Design Concept of Floating Vanity Set

The innovative concepts of master bathrooms reflect an overall decor, which combines looks and functionalities to meet modern requirements. So, a floating vanity set is an integral part of the master bathroom concept. While you need to create a master bathroom as a self-contained space for refreshment, then it should have all arrangements to meet your refreshments needs. Therefore, floating vanity design scopes you to include the essential storage in a tricky manner to convert the traditional bathroom into a contemporary refreshment space.

A floating vanity set scopes you to utilize your bathroom space at each level. This current trend plays a dual role – first make a bathing suit extremely functional and keep a balance in the overall aesthetics of the bathroom features and decors.

Major Advantages of Floating Vanity Installation

In any master bathroom floating vanity is an outstanding feature as it makes the bathroom ambience airy. And you never feel blocked and cluttered having multiple floating cabinets in your contemporary refreshment space.

Have a look at the reasons why you should have a plan for floating cabinetry in your bathroom remodelling scheme:

  • Walnut made floating cabinetry brings a highly sophisticated look in a lavish bathroom. The whole floating deck can be installed around the bathtub. In terms of interior matching, you can opt for a cedar made tub for healing your day-long stress. This type of durable timber brings a Wet Style to your bathtub. If you want bathtub to be replaced by an experienced professionals then bath remodel in Tallahassee you can check out with.
  • Hanging cabinetry ends the blocked environment, caused by the four feet of traditional storage furniture. And this concept allows you to customize the height of cabinets during installation. The standard height of the floating cabinet is 31 inches. But you can set a range below or higher than 31 inches.
  • The tallest vanity set always leaves an underneath gap, where you can easily hide the bathroom slippers.
  • Even with a dual sink, the floating cabinetry leaves small gaps for your free movement around the sinks. And this type of movement flexibility makes your morning session enjoyable. And also during a busy routine, you never crash with the storage furniture in the bathroom.
  • For having several gaps between the several parts of a whole floating vanity set, you get a huge advantage to move with flexibility during bathroom cleaning.
  • Therefore, with minimum installation hassle, floating cabinetry provides a spacious ambience even in your small bathroom.
  • Custom type floating cabinetry is the hottest trend. This type of cabinetry reflects the elegance of both satin and walnut finish. The whole wood grain is aligned in a horizontal pattern to ensure a custom finish.
  • Having a glass shower enclosure, you can opt for floating vanity set for a luxurious bathroom. Both options of contemporary bathroom renovation offer a lightweight texture of the bathroom interior. With floating cabinetry you can keep the towel rails in a customized pattern.
  • The latest designs of master bathrooms integrate the square-shaped recessed lighting from the ceiling. And this type of lighting always requires rectangular-shaped interiors. So, custom floating cabinetry is the best choice to complement the smart lighting integrations.
  • The combination of custom strip LED light and multiple mirrors create a mild illumination while you touch up your make-up in front of the floating cabinetry. This type of self-contained interior of the master bath requires hidden faucets along with steel shelves.


All the recommendations of floating cabinetry reflect the ultimate modifications of traditional bathrooms. From the scratch look to overall functionalities, the floating vanity set meets contemporary requirements of refreshments in a master bath space.

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