Four Beliefs and Behaviours of Growth Leaders

As a leader, you should continuously think of new ways to evolve as a person and an organization. For leaders to enter the growth zone, they must be tuned with their surroundings and strive to stay focused and empowered whenever challenged by circumstances.

Some of the beliefs or behaviors that indicate a growth leader is displayed as follows:

  • Positive Attitude

A firm and positive attitude is a belief or behavior that a growth leader possesses. For instance, when faced with a challenge, if your reaction as a leader is panic, then naturally, your team will feel the same. Instead, work on a positive, ‘I CAN’ mantra. Such attitudes have a way of encouraging others to feel the same. Hence, they work towards solutions instead of focusing on the issues.

The majority of the time, it is the attitude that helps tackle problems. As a leader, if your attitude is anything but positive, you are likely to overcome obstacles.

  • Resilient

Being resilient means being constant and coherent. Problems arise in every organization or company. What matters is your reaction towards it as a leader. As discussed above, a positive attitude helps and encourages. While staying on course and being determined allows you to empower people around you. When people start drawing inspiration from you, you are closer to achieving the state of a growth leader.

Being resilient is also necessary when facing complicated situations too. Staying on track is easy when everything goes smoothly. But it turns into motivation for others when you stay focused and determined when everyone feels unsure.

  • Accountability

True leaders like Richard W. Warke hold themselves accountable and do the same with their employees regardless of their status, position, power, or other such incentives.

Accountability is important. When you hold people accountable, they tend to perform better. They are vigilant and observant of their work and themselves. They aim to be recognized for good. Similarly, when you, as a leader, hold yourself accountable, your employees become aware and appreciate you more.

You are the captain of your ship, and if you place the repercussions of your decisions on others, nobody will look towards you. And that is something that goes entirely beyond the principles of good leadership.

  • Transparency

It is said that transparency enhances the growth of an organization or company. As a leader like Richard W. Warke, if you are honest about your goals and objectives, your employees are more likely to share the same passion as you do.

Proper channels of communication achieve this transparency. Asking where necessary and listening when it’s obvious. Such open communication allows your employees to be more driven and hardworking. They appreciate your honesty and respect you as an individual and as a leader.


The phrase ‘true leaders are born’ can work up to some extent. Still, when a person exhibits qualities like compassion, integrity, humility, accountability, they achieve the state of a growth leader. Growth is constantly changing for the better. Be that in terms of views or as a company. If you’re always thinking of evolving your business into something more profound, then the above core values are essential for you to grasp, implement and finally reach the standard of a growth leader.

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