Four Divorce Myths that Could Discourage You From Getting a Divorce

If you are planning to get a divorce, you may be starting to research information about how the legal process works. Also, you have probably heard stories from people you know that details what to expect during divorce proceedings. However, although these people mean well, much of their stories might not be true. So, instead of depending on myths, you should get the facts from a skilled divorce attorney. Click here to find a lawyer with a good success record. The following are the common myths about divorce in Milwaukee:

One Spouse Cannot File a Divorce Without the Other’s Permission

Many people believe this myth, so they decide not to take action to end their marriage. However, the truth is that when you file a divorce petition in court, you can get a final order whether your spouse agrees to it or takes part in the proceedings. Indeed, your spouse can be penalized if they do not respond to the petition, leading to a more favorable outcome for you. 

You Need Grounds to Get Divorced

To get a divorce in Wisconsin, you only need to prove your marriage is irretrievably broken. Thus, you and your spouse cannot find a way to work out your differences. A divorce based on this ground can be granted by a judge even if only one spouse seeks a divorce. But you can bring marital misconduct that has taken place to your lawyer’s attention because this can affect your rights when it comes to marital settlement. 

You Can Be Left with Nothing in a Divorce

In a divorce, half of what you and your spouse own belongs to you. This applies to all assets and property you have accumulated, acquired, and earned over the course of your marriage, no matter whose name appears on the title. This includes personal possessions, cars, homes, bank account money, investments, and retirement benefits. 

Not Hiring a Lawyer Can Save You Money

Although a DIY divorce is an option, it may cost you more money down the road. A divorce lawyer can make sure the necessary paperwork is filed properly. In turn, this will help you avoid extra fees and get maximum shares in any settlement. Without the assistance of an attorney, you can make mistakes that can be expensive to correct. Also, you could miss out on opportunities to exercise certain rights. A divorce attorney has knowledge of all the applicable laws and has handled several divorce cases successfully before. Thus, they know well the ins and outs of divorce proceedings. 

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