Four main problems associated with welding machines and possible remedy

Perhaps you have been to a workshop for some reasons.  I am pretty sure that you witnessed a lot of activities taking place there of which you might have been irritated by some of them. Follow this article to learn more about the effects of interacting with welding machines and their possible remedies.

There are several things that we are used to that are harmful to our health but we ignore them. Some of the associated problems are long term. For instance, there are a lot of risks involved when handling a welding machine. They can be physical, mental or even psychological. To mean that if not properly handled, they may lead to severe injuries or even cause death. These problems are discussed here and their possible measures.


The process of arc welding involves use of naked or live wires to molten the metal. This puts you at a risk of being electrocuted. Electric shock is very dangerous since it might deform some cells in the body permanently or cause death. Other than that, it can also paralyze the body. Therefore, it is good to ensure that you wear warm clothes all the time and avoid working on metal floors. It is always important to put on boots and gloves that are flame resistant and steel toe -capped shoes all the time.  Machines like the Ingco welding machine come with an electrode holder and it is well insulated to minimize electrocution as in the image.

Noise pollution

Welding activities are accompanied by noise. Prolonged exposure to this environment might damage your ears and cause partial deafness. This leads to other health related problems like blood pressure, increased heart beat tinnitus and a condition known as vertigo. To reduce this, Royce welding machine and others come with a helmet which is side shielded to protect you from noise pollution. It is also advisable to use ear protectors and ear muffs in case there is a chance of sparks entering your ear.

Burns and infrared radiation

During the process, sparks are produced along with UV rays and infrared rays. On touching the skin, they can cause severe damage. You also get exposed to burns that are painful and can lead to a condition known as arc-eye. This exposure to arc flashes for a long time may lead to cataracts and poor vision in the long run. To avoid this, use leather clothing or fire resistant clothing to get protected from the heat.

Health complications and diseases

Exposure to toxic gases produced during welding like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, chlorinated oxides and trichloroethylene may lead to deadly infections like skin cancer, occupational asthma and pneumonia. It is advisable to stay away from these gases as much as you can by using respirators. Respirators are considered to protect you from these oxides and fumes created during the welding process.

In conclusion, we need to be careful with our environment and machines that we get in contact with. Necessary measures have to be taken in order to avoid health problems and issues. If you are considering purchasing welding machines, check welding machine price in Kenya.

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