Free Word to PDF Converter: What is the Best Choice?

The question of how to convert doc to pdf is faced by users preparing documents for printing. This question is faced sooner or later by all users with no exception. Everyone knows how difficult it is to save a complex text document format in Word. The document layout can be compromised even when it is opened on a device with a different screen resolution setting! And when it comes to documents where text is combined with pictures, charts, and tables, the situation can be even more challenging. Any careless action could require hours of editing. The PDF format is free of these problems: each page is “frozen” as it was left by the creator.

Of course, the developers took this need into account and included the possibility to convert word to pdf as one of the basic features of the editor. It is easy to take advantage of this feature:

  • open a text file in Word;
  • select: File – Save As…. (this can be done in the File section of the menu);
  • select the PDF option in the File Format submenu;
  • save.

However, Word is an editor designed to deal with texts, not images, so it does not enable you to edit a pdf online, combine pdf, merge pdf documents, compress a pdf. If you need these features, you will have to look for other options.

All pdf software products can be categorized into those that are available online and those offered in the form of applications that need to be downloaded and installed on the device. Let’s look at both options.

Nitro Online Word to PDF Converter

This is a fairly simple online tool for converting a text file into a PDF document. Simplicity is the main and principal advantage of the service. however, there are no more advantages than the abovementioned. The disadvantages obviously prevail:

  • inconvenient downloading of the conversion result – a letter with a link to download is sent to the email (the address must be specified separately);
  • processing of large-volume documents can take considerable time, and this does not depend on the quality of Internet traffic, the problem is obviously with Nitro’s servers;
  • the free version allows you to handle documents up to 50 pages or 5 MB; if the volume exceeds these values, it suggests buying the PRO version.

Nice try, but no: you can find more interesting options for the money.

WPS Online PDF Converter

This is one of the more interesting options, and not for money, but completely free, which is an important part of the developer’s policy. In general, WPS Online PDF Converter is part of a package that is positioned as a free alternative to the Microsoft monopoly.

The user-friendly interface enables you to upload files either through Explorer or by simply dragging and dropping them. The converted document can be used online or downloaded but you will have to register in the system. The latter, however, is not a problem, due to its free-of-charge nature.

Please note that documents of unregistered users are stored on the server for one hour, after which they are permanently deleted.

Soda PDF Software

Soda PDF software is an option for those who do not want to trust their data to the Internet and prefer to convert text to PDF completely offline. The full functionality of the application is available by subscription, but the converter also offers such a feature as a free trial. So it can be easily downloaded from the site free of charge.

The company does not impose time restrictions on using the trial version, the only inconvenience may be repeated invitations to pay for the full version. However, nothing prevents you from ignoring these offers. Managers of the company will not call you at night and cry into the phone as your ex may.

A disadvantage of the product is the lack of versions for Mac and iOS – users of these operating systems are offered to use the online version via a browser anxnr.

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