Freshen up your room with these hacks

We all love staying at home. Sooner or later, it has become the new normal. With online classes, work from home options most of the time all the members of the family get to stay at home. Do you feel bored seeing the same four walls every day? Now that all are at home, it is a challenge to keep up the ambience of the home. It’s time for a change. Transform your boring environment, giving it a fresh and new look. Worried about budget? Are you thinking that you have to renovate the whole house to get the change? Absolutely No!

Just implementing a few décor ideas and adding a few things to your décor, can bring about that change. Whether you have a big house or a small one, indoor lighting lifts the mood and sets the ambiance of the room. A dark area ultimately looks dull and boring. A bright room always makes you feel fresh and cheerful. Personalize your space by adding a curtain which in turn will help in regulating the light in the room.

Compliment the décor of your room by adding suitable lamps. Apart from brightening a room, it gives a classic look to the room. It makes space convenient, well-lit for study or work. Following are the few ways in which you can use the lighting to make your room lively-

  • Small lights in a small area make the room look spacious. So, you can use multiple light sources to open up space.
  • To enhance the corners of the room, use wall lights which in turn will make the room look wider.
  • Pendant hanging from the ceiling makes the room look bigger and draws everybody’s attention.
  • Select the right colour lampshades that go well with the room’s décor.

Along with the furniture, drapes are needed to complete the décor and set the tone of the room. You can choose them depending on your taste and interior. Be careful in your selection as it enhances the beauty if done properly. There are various categories available starting from sheer fabric to heavy opaque textile. Before opting for these, it is very important to check the apt material.

Following are the few things that will help you pick up the perfect one that you need-

  • There is a wide range of fabrics available. Therefore, select your fabric that will enable you to get the amount of light that you need in your room. It should also match with the décor of the house.
  • Choose a colour that syncs with the other furnishings which will, in turn, harmonize with the décor.
  • If you want a bold look, choose solid colours as it adds visual weight to an element.
  • Make your room look dramatic by choosing a longer size so that it puddles on the floor.
  • For your room to look neat, pick up the drape that is wide enough to give a gathered look on the sides.
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