Fullyhome is a website recently launched and designed for household items. The first aspect about which it talks is the kitchen. The kitchen is a compulsory part of every house. People living in the UK face many issues regarding supplied water and its effects. The most common problem is hard water. It damages appliances and causes limescale staining.

Moreover, hard water is undrinkable. If it reaches the intestine of humans, it will cause several diseases there. So, to get rid of this issue, fullyhome.co.uk has launched several methods. These methods and products are pretty easy and effective in cleaning. Here are some of their articles that you will find beneficial.

1. How To Purify Tap Water?

In this article, Fullyhome.co.uk shares several methods to clean tap water. In the UK, hard water is a burning issue these days. Pure water is an essential requirement of humans. So, to attain that purity of water, several methods are used. They include

  • Boiling: boiling water is a fundamental and primitive method to purify water and kill germs in it. It is heating of water at a high temperature.
  • Filtration: Filtration of water is another method of cleaning water. In this method, we filter water with the help of filters, and we obtain pure water.
  • Chlorination: it is another effective method of killing harmful germs from water that may cause numerous diseases if drank.

2. The Benefits Of Boiling Tap Water For Drinking

In the second article of Fullyhome.co.uk, they talk about the benefits of boiled water. The boiling of water is crucial and beneficial because it kills harmful bacteria, germs, cysts, and worms. Secondly, boiled water promotes digestion and relieves congestion. Moreover, it removes chlorine and is energy-efficient. Furthermore, the article says that you should not use hot tap water for drinking purposes as it stays in taps for hours and dissolves the rust and impurities of the faucet and pipe in it.

3. How To Descale A Hot Water Dispenser?

In this article, the members of Fullyhome.co.uk say that the water dispenser gets dirty when hard water flows in it for a long. Lumps limescale may call a deposit into the inner filter if the use is prolonged. Several methods are using which you can get rid of limescale. The methods of descaling include the use of vinegar or citric acid, usually found in lemon. It would be best if you descaled your dispenser every month at least once. Limescale may not harm your health if ingested, but it may internally damage the dispenser.

4. Best Limescale Remover: Vinegar? Coke? WD40?

In this article, Fullyhome.co.uk says that there are usually three types of limescale remover; vinegar, coke and, WD40. People, after several attempts, get to know that the use of vinegar as a limescale remover is the most effective method, yet, coke and WD40 are also effective. Still, they may not remove the stain of limescale in one attempt. Moreover, there are some products such as Harpic power plus that are super effective in removing limescale.

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