Get An Athlete’s Body With Whole Body Vibration

Athletes have amazingly strong, proportioned, muscular, and yet trim bodies that look fab in every outfit they wear. Above all, the strength of their body enables them to not only function properly but also makes them strong enough to withstand hardship. 

They are both physically and mentally strong as consistent workout sessions and competitions make them resilient and embed in them a fighting spirit. However, you don’t have to be a sportsperson or take part in the Olympics to have a body that is beautiful and strong. Whole body vibration (WBV) exercises help you tone your body and make it strong and muscular with a lot less time spent working out in a gym. You can find out more about the wonders of whole-body vibration in Whole Body Vibration The Future of Good Health. It is a remarkable book authored by someone who has great knowledge of the subject and is herself a vibration therapy practitioner, Becky Chambers

Here is how you can get a powerful athletic body with WBV. 

Whole-Body Vibration Effects On Your Physique 

Whole-body vibration therapy works by stimulating ligaments and muscles that increase blood circulation, reduce pain and inflammation, improve joint strength, promote immune response and flexibility, along with so many other benefits. It also serves as a sensory distraction that disrupts pain signals traveling along the body’s nerve endings.

Toned And Strengthened Muscles

Although your normal workout and exercises can help you build strength and toning, whole-body vibration gives astonishing results in a very short time. It is a remarkable technology that is being accepted by medical, sports, and physcial therapy centers. It helps develop strength and resilience in your body. 

More Bone Mass

Since your muscles fibers are stimulated so powerfully, the WBV counteracts the loss of the muscle mass that happens with age. Age-related loss of bone mass is also combatted with the release of osteoblasts that help in the building of new bones. 

As you age, existing bone is absorbed back into your body and new bone is created to replace it. In osteoporosis, the formation of new bone is slower than the rate of bone absorption – this leads to thinning, brittle bones. As most of us by choice or by necessity have a sedentary lifestyle, bone loss as well as muscle loss both are significant problems. 

However, with regular physical activity such as that you can obtain with whole body vibration, muscle use will promote the formation of bones, decreasing the loss of bone and the risk of falls and injuries.

Improved Circulation

The constant, rhythmic contractions of muscles results in improved blood circulation as your capillaries are enlarged, allowing more blood to flow, and increased lymphatic drainage. Thus WBV increases the number of both red blood cells and white blood cells, helping bring nutrients and oxygen to your tissues, and remove waste products and toxins from the body. These effects plus a lowering of inflammation help your immune system and recovery mechanisms to strengthen. 

Reduction In Cellulite

Cellulite results from the underlying fat deposits that begin to push their way through layers of collagen fibers under the skin. As we age the collagen weakens and the lumpy appearance of cellulite increases.  In women, the production of estrogen decreases, resulting in less circulation, which leads to less new collagen and the breakdown of connective tissue. 

Whole-blood circulation increases circulation helping to combat these effects, tightening and rejuventating collagen, which flattens out the adipose globules that are located under the skin, making your skin look more smooth. Tighter toned muscles, and a decrease in fat due to weight loss from working out give you a new and beautiful look.   

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