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WoB or The World of Beer, a flourishing brew driven bar bragging a broad assortment of lagers from around the globe, has lots of locations throughout the country. It shows the commitment of the World of Beer to its customers. The customers will find no problem from these many locations when they have to search for information like beer near me. You can always find the nearest WoB tavern easily.

As the late spring warms up, World of Beer plans to chill off with a privately created lager by opening a few areas inside a month. This quickly developing establishment has extended fundamentally since its establishment in 2007. Presently, there are more than 40 areas are set up across the United States, with plans to open significantly more as the year goes on. This fast extension is conceivable because of the accomplishment of the WOB Culture that has been made, as every area accomplices with neighborhood distilleries and cafés to make a flourishing individual foundation.

What’s more, the arrival of the Tavern Fare menu at WOB Jacksonville is another improvement that has been profoundly expected since its declaration in the spring. The only made ‘Bar Fare’ menu is finished with bar style top picks, including delicate pretzels, flatbreads, and rascals. The things on the new menu exemplify the specialty style insight and pair well with the assortment of blends accessible at World of Beer. A significant number of the plans use specialty lager as a fixing, making this menu one of a kind and energetic about the WOB culture.

These locations are not the main declaration World of Beer has made since its founding. As of late, the bar establishment was allowed the chance to team up with Samuel Adams to praise the heritage and culture of the American brand. World of Beer areas taking an interest cross country in the ‘Incomparable American Beer-Cation’ will offer eight uncommonly chose brews from the Samuel Adams portfolio from July 1-31st. Dedication individuals will be given a punch card and, subsequent to attempting these eight unique brews will be entered to win an excursion for two to the Great American Beer Festival. There will be an authoritative declaration of the champ on Friday, August ninth.

World of Beer has a month to month distillery evenings and spotlights, tap takeovers, and lager driven occasions observing American Craft Beer Week, Dogfish Head Shark Attack, WOBtoberfest and more at every area.

The ‘WOB Culture’ is not normal for some others. The exceptionally prepared staff has finished a broad, fourteen-day brew school and is close to direct clients through the World of Beer experience based on a worldwide menu of drinks, unrecorded music, and broadcast sports.

WOB consistently remunerates its clients by offering a Loyalty Club Program that empowers them to acquire focuses on attempting various lagers. Visitors procure one point for each unique lager bought at WOB, acquiring them access, appreciation, and prizes. The program is accessible to all visitors and is effectively open through the application (accessible for iPhone and Android cell phones). It shows you how easy it is to participate in the WoB culture through your fingertips.

As for now, we provide this writing so you can have more knowledge about the World of Beer locations and any related information about beer.

What is the world’s most popular drink?             

Like we always told you on any other occasion. When it comes to the best this and that, there is always no single and consistent answer for that. Everybody has their own preference of what they liked the most, no exception for drinks. The beer itself is the most popular for beer lovers, so to answer the above question. The safest answer should be back to each person’s preference. As for beer, there are numerous beer brands all over the world, from America, Europe to eastern countries like China, South Korea, and Japan. The problem is you may have no time and money to travel across the world to taste overseas beer.

Therefore, it would be best to have a place that has hundreds of craft beer so you can taste the best beer from another part of the world. This is what the World of Beer provides to its customers. Besides, with WoB taverns that you can find almost in any state. You just have to google for a beer near me information and get the direction to our bar.

Who owns World of Beer?         

It started with Matt and Scott from Tampa Bay, Florida. The World of Beer keeps developing its service up to this day under Paul Avery as its current owner. One thing for sure, customers can always have the best beer and environment that can enhance the enjoyment of drinking beer at WoB. In fact, The WoB culture gives you a new exciting way to drink a beer. Hence, what are you waiting for? Try by yourself by starting looking about our craft beer from our website or find the nearest WoB tavern by googling beer near me on your mobile phone.

Is world of beer a franchise?

The World of beer franchising has been a lucrative business opportunity for those who are looking to have a tavern business at this moment. By joining this WoB franchising, you can help your local neighborhood to have a taste of the best beer on the WoB menu. Besides, you do not have to worry about anything, especially for the initial preparation, since the WoB staff will assist you with this matter. For instance, there is a pre-training program that takes 233 hours. From that amount of time, you know that WoB provides you with the best assistance that you can have for the franchise opening. In detail, those time consist of classroom training for 72 hours and the rest 161 hours of field practice. There are also area protections. If you are curious about this right, you can go directly to the WoB franchising website to see the full information. As for IT support, the WoB staff will handle it for you, so you do not have to worry about it.

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