Grand theft Auto San Andreas Tips and Tricks and play it on PC

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a game that is developed by rock star games that don’t need any introduction. After it has been released to the Android community, the game has finally been released on the iOS App Store. With few different improvements, the iOS port of the game is probably the best way to enjoy the open-world game developed by the Rock star. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas mobile version enhances your gameplay experience and hits all nostalgic points. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas mobile was released back in 2013. Many of the players never had a chance two plate before, despite being available for around 6 years. Here are some of the tips and tricks that will help all new businesses with basic guidelines.

Restoring health:

Not like most of the GTA games the only way to restore health and San Andreas is by eating at restaurants. You can also restore your health by getting arrested but in this way, you will end up losing money. There are many spots to be found around Los Santos which will Heal your health.

Change your appearance:

For the very first time, you can alter your character by buying different clothes hairstyles, and many more. With all these in-game purchases you can make your character customizable and according to your personality. Clothes for hairstyle while Wanted will remove wanted status. Did the character can get fat or can go to the gym to muscle up.

Weapon skills:

Your character Carl Johnson is also known as CJ a has quite an average ability in handling all types of weapons. To get your shooting more accurate you will be required to improve your skills with the weapon type.

Earn money:

You can earn a few extra money by completing missions or side missions. You can earn extra money while completing ambulance and taxi side missions. This will allow you to earn a lot more. As soon as you start with the game all you have to do is start stealing one of the vehicles on the roadside. Are you can stop any of the driving vehicles and hijack them. Killing people will also make you and a small amount of money from time to time but it’s not a convenient way.

Side missions:

There are few advantages in GTA San Andreas by completing side missions or by running a specific type of vehicle. When you carry out a mission with a police car, the armor will increase by 150%. As soon as you carry out the Fireman mission you will be fireproof. When you carry out missions within an ambulance your health will increase. When Cops drive off in the Cop wheels’ mission, start to shoot at them and they will get out the motorbike and you can take it.

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Protect your territory: 

Saving your games at different checkpoints is very important in GTA San Andreas like when your area is attacked by Ballas and Los Vagos gangs, save your game quickly as this area is back to the way it was before the fight.

Play GTA San Andreas mobile version on PC: 

This game is the spin-off mobile version of the Classic Grand Theft Auto San Andreas which was initially launched and was popular on different gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and even on PC. But after 6 years of release, you can still play this game on your PC with better hardware and better resolution with the help of any powerful Android Emulator. To make it easy for you we have found the perfect match for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on PC and this is LDPlayer.

Why choose LDPlayer? 

There are many reasons why LD player is the best Android Emulator that is available on the internet. But first, let me tell you why Android emulators are used. Android emulators are often necessary to play games and use apps that are available for the Android devices on bigger screens and better hardware without disturbing calls and un interrupting battery life. Playing games on PC supported by keyboard and mouse avoid overheating of mobile and battery loss. LD player will allow you to use the latest Android apps on your PC without compromising battery power. It is developed by a Chinese company and the software developers have some experience with virtualization technologies. It is an amazing Android Emulator with strong FPS mode. There is an LD store that is the same as Google Play a which requires the gamepad feature. You do not have to sign up for the LD store.

Here are some of the features that you will love about LDPlayer.

  • A wide range of customization like resolution, CPU, or controls
  • You will experience a lag-free gameplay
  • It is trusted by millions of players worldwide
  • It perfectly compatible to playGrand Theft Auto San Andreas on PC and also any mobile video game available on the play store
  • The interface is very user-friendly and simple or unique.
  • Perfect for performance even if you have a low-end PC
  • Secure and private.


To get things concluded if you are a beginner player of GTA San Andreas and are tired of your slaggy phone and tiny screen then you should play it on LDPlayer which is trusted by millions of other uses and have millions of active users on daily basis.

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