Guide to buying a mouse for your computer: wireless or cable?

Which is better, a wireless mouse or a wired one? If you are going to buy a mouse, you should know that there are different reasons to choose one or the other. We use the mouse for a good number of hours every day and the truth is that when it works properly we do not remember it, but the moment it begins to fail we realize how important the mouse is.

Things to consider

When it comes to buying a new mouse, you will surely have the same question that has plagued millions of users for years: Is a wireless mouse or a wired mouse better? Almost without realizing it, the mouse is one of the components that we use the most when we sit down at the computer. Therefore, it is convenient to take a few minutes to analyze how we use it and, based on these conclusions, you can decide whether it is better to buy a wired mouse or a wireless mouse. Currently both types of mouse are very close thanks to the incredible advances in wireless connectivity and there is not as much difference as a few years ago.

Advantages of wireless mice

Although a few years ago the use of Bluetooth mouse was relegated to very specific moments because they were not very reliable, this has changed completely today. They offer the same precision and practically the same performance as wired mice since the Current connectivity technologies allow it. However, there are still some limitations and drawbacks that technology has not been able to overcome.

Freedom of movement and portability

One of the undeniable advantages of wired mice is the freedom of movement that wireless mice provide. The absence of a cable that keeps you “tied” to a device and that limits its use to a certain area of ​​use is one of the main reasons to choose a Bluetooth or radio frequency mouse. This decision will help you keep your table tidier and free of cables.

Comfort is never cheap

One of the factors that we take into account when buying a product is the price, and the case of mice is no different. If you have a limited budget and the amount determines a lot, you should know that wireless mice are usually between 10% and 30% more expensive than their equivalent with cable. This surcharge can be acceptable if you are going to use the wireless mouse with a laptop or on an office computer since the comfort of use and the absence of cables make it worth investing in this technology. Read more about usb power adapter.

Wireless gaming mouse

Accessory manufacturers have invested a lot of resources in improving the accuracy and quality of wireless mouse connections. This ergonomic vertical mouse has several characteristics that make it the best of the mice of this type, perfect for professionals who work long hours at the computer and who want to take care of their wrist. Luckily for users, in most cases they get them and it is already possible to play with a wireless mouse, even at a competitive level in e-sports.

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