Health In Business: Why It Matters

It’s become common in some businesses to work 50 or 60 hour week. While many industries and companies are promoting flexible working and paying more attention to an employee’s health, it isn’t something that’s fully caught on yet. However, looking after employee and indeed, your own health is important and can help drive your business to new levels of success.

Don’t Expect Too Much from Your Employees

Employees like to reach up from time to time. To take on more work and show you what they can do in the hunt for a promotion or pay rise. However, there’s a difference between doing this and in you asking for too much.

Common examples come from periods where business is extremely busy, and workloads increase across the workforce. Try not to overload your employees. For example, if you’re a product based business and want to grow by selling on a third party website like Amazon, don’t give this work to an employee, instead consider Amazon account management or find someone whose done it before you can outsource it to. This means you benefit from external expertise while keeping your employees happy. So long as you monitor your employees and don’t give them too many work items to focus on at one time, you’ll be fine. Encourage an open and honest relationship and the rest will follow.

Show You Care

You need to show you care as best you can so promote good health on a frequent basis. This means allowing people to go for walks, promoting healthy eating and in some cases providing gym access.

Of course, you have to think about your own health as a business owner too. Overworking can yield short term gain but end up costing you long term if you have to take extended time off. Focus on the pain points. If you’re hurting after a workout try using a massage gun to eek out the pain and at the same time if you’re suffering from headaches all of the time you’d be best off going for an eye test. Treat the cause, not just the symptoms.

Focusing on health shows your workforce that you care about them which is eminently important if you’re looking to work with them long term and want them to help drive your business to success.

What is the Significance of Companies Managing Owner and Employee health?

Risk management:

Risk management is around informing your employees of any risks in your workplace, from small to large. If you don’t do this you could open yourself up to a lawsuit or end up without employees for a longer period of time. Ensure you come up with a good risk information framework and stick to it.

Improvement of turnover rate:

No employee will want to continue working for a long time in a work environment that can be detrimental or indifferent to their health. If the number of employees leaving the company is increasing, there may be a problem with health management. In that case, health investment may improve the leave rate, absenteeism rate, etc., in addition to the turnover rate.

Improvement of work efficiency:

If they’re healthy, with a good work life balance and brilliant healthcare options then they’re going to be way happier and work harder for you. It’ll show that you truly care about your employees which can lead to higher levels of respect. They’ll want to see you and your business succeed on multiple levels because they know you care about them.

If you get employee health right, and indeed your own health priorities in line, you an expect a workforce that’s far more productive in the long run.

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