Here Are the Top Four Curb Appeal Projects in 2021

Whether you plan to sell in the near future or not, you should still consider curb appeal projects. Not only do they add value to your home (in the event that you sell), but they are also a focused expression of homeowner pride. They may even make your home greener and more efficient, as you will see below.

With summer weather already here, several homeowners are gearing up for a season of renovations, remodels and household tasks. This summer, turn your attention to the curb – or, that is, the front of your home. Here are four trending curb appeal projects in 2021.

Energy-Efficient Custom Windows

Window replacement serves several purposes. New, energy-efficient custom windows save you money on your energy bill by improving the thermal insulation. Compared to old windows, they offer a higher level of security. Replacement windows are also routinely listed among the home improvements with the greatest return on investment.

And to top it all off, window replacements are essential to improving curb appeal. As the focal points on your home’s front façade (along with the front door), they attract immediate attention from passersby. Ensuring that your front windows are new, clean, well-built and architecturally integrated makes a world of difference to your house’s curb appeal.

Sustainable Landscaping

Speaking of curb appeal projects with a purpose, let’s discuss landscaping. The conventional wisdom with front-yard landscaping used to be: Make everything appear as neat and orderly as possible. However, increasingly, people are more concerned with sustainability and ecological practices than beauty for beauty’s sake.

That’s not to say sustainable landscaping can’t be beautiful; it can be. Hire a landscaping company to create a sustainable garden using native species, sparing irrigation systems and biodegradable mulch. Alternately, you can exercise your green thumb and try it yourself.

A Front Door with a Pop of Colour

Along with front windows, the front door plays a critical role in overall curb appeal. When replacing your windows, consider investing in a new front door as well (often, quality companies will specialize in windows and doors).

All the benefits mentioned above for replacement windows apply to your front door as well. A new door increases energy efficiency, improves security and has a well-documented high ROI. For a particularly 2021 approach to your front door, add a pop of colour – nothing too playful, but something out of the ordinary black or brown options.

Mid-Century Modern House Numbers

It’s surprising what house numbers can do for curb appeal. These small, seemingly insignificant designators are an excellent opportunity to add personality and flair to the front of a house. In 2021, Mid-Century Modern typefaces remain all the rage. They are a relatively inexpensive addition to your overall curb appeal efforts and are simple to install.

With energy-efficient windows, a sustainable front garden, a colourful front door and sleek house numbers, your curb appeal will look 2021 in the best possible way. This summer, make your house the envy of the neighbourhood!

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