How are e-learning companies in India utilizing AI’s capabilities?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been becoming popular and used for various purposes. With time, Artificial intelligence has been improving rapidly. It is used in all sectors. These sectors are pharmacy, machinery, chemical, corporate world, education, and any industry. It has been seen as a tool that can change the game completely and make the work easy. It can reduce the manpower requirement and carry out certain difficult tasks automatically with ease. Not surprisingly, e-learning development companies in India are harnessing the capabilities of AI in e-learning solutions.

AI in daily life

Nobody thought that Artificial Intelligence could be part of our daily life, some years ago. It is seen in the majority of the devices we use every day. AI is incorporated within the mobile device so that it can fetch you quick results. It also serves you as a virtual assistant, which would do your work quickly. It is used in the games so that the games would become easy. Similarly, when it is used in the e-learning courseware, learning becomes easy for the learners. You may wonder how is it possible? What’s the way out?

Methodologies to utilize AI to optimize learning

Answering questions real-time: AI is used as a virtual tutor in e-learning courses by e-learning companies in India. AI can be programmed with complex algorithms to perform high-level tasks. This would allow the AI in the e-learning solutions to answer questions raised by the learners on the fly. This rules out the need for the instructor or support system 24 x 7.

Translation real-time: Many learners prefer to learn the concepts in their own language. It’s not that they don’t like other languages. It’s just that they understand their own language very well. In such cases, AI can be used for real-time language translation. This would ensure that the learners can understand the concepts then and there themselves. This is the major advantage as the learners in any part of the globe can undergo the training session at any time.

Encyclopedia: Learners can ask their questions of any type regarding the syllabus to the AI instructor anytime. This would save the learner’s time. They need to spend less time looking over the internet for the answer. The reason being, AI would answer their questions quickly. This way the learners will not get stuck while studying, unable to proceed due to doubts. Importantly by integrating AI into the e-learning courseware, doubt solving sessions become easy. The need for the learners to walk up to the trainer every time to clarify a doubt reduces significantly.

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Enhancing accessibility for special people: Not all people are fortunate enough to have visuals or able to hear or talk clearly. For such people who find it difficult to do certain tasks, AI can simplify their tasks. Consider a person who is visually challenged. He can use VoiceOver to understand the content of the courseware. He can also talk directly to the device so that he would get answers to these questions immediately. Thus, AI can play a vital role in training specially challenged people.

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