How Assisted Living Software Helps to Spend Less Time Managing Records and More Time Caring for Your Seniors?

Keeping senior people records plays a vital role in ensuring the quality of care in assisted living. There’s no denying it. In the end, skipping the process doesn’t get you to the destination you want to go to. 

This is why for all the time and effort needed to do them, staff still soldier on and do it manually if need be. Because it’s Necessary. However, should companies continue to adopt this stance knowing there are better solutions like assisted living software for senior care available? 

A resident management software for assisted living can help your facility stay on top of records management. What’s equally great about them? They pretty much do the record-keeping for you. 

By and large, it wouldn’t hurt to ditch overtime for good, right? And, in the first place, who would want to go through all the trouble of shuffling shifts just to keep records up-to-date? With assisted living software, your staff will be able to focus on what’s important: ensuring resident satisfaction through quality of care. Here’s why.

Residential Management Is Rarely Just About Recording Resident Information

Although every facility manages records a bit differently, there will always be areas where they overlap. For one, every facility needs to keep a record of every new resident. This alone already entails an ongoing process. It can become more burdensome over time with huge influxes in admissions.  

It does not stop there, though. What obviously makes managing records more challenging is the fact that it’s not limited to that. You also have to keep track of records pertaining to medication management and vital signs, after all. 

And what of the information regarding the performance of every staff and resident? How will you be able to gain important insights about what to improve in your facility if there’s no data to analyze?

On the whole, we probably don’t need to dive deep into the complexity of keeping and managing records. You’re most likely already well aware of it. What we’re going to focus on instead is how senior care management software can optimize this important aspect for you. 

How Assisted Living Software Can Help in Records Management

There are a number of ways that Assisted living Management software can prove its worth in this regard. Since not all kinds of this software share features, the ones that stand out are those that show a ready versatility. It’s versatile in the sense that you’ll only need to use this platform to take care of all the records that need to be kept over time.

Many solutions readily exhibit this quality through the features they outline. To give you a good hint as to why this is the case, you only need to look at the following example. It lists down the features of an assisted living software directly related to records management.

  • It lets you create face sheets through electronic forms that can be completed in minutes during admission.
  • Take vitals during admission and automatically make reports about them over time. 
  • Keep track of changes and make updates to resident information in seconds. 
  • It automatically marks out the date of residence or hospital admission, as well as move-in and move-out times.
  • Keep a record and store payment information like Medicaid and insurance.
  • Keep a record of the medication, performance, and feedback of each patient.
  • Even more in-depth information like event participation and preventive care documentation can be accounted for. 

All the while, all the records that you make using the software will be safely stored and made available at your and your staff’s convenience. These records can be easily searched and accessed using keywords, after all. You can access important sections and records with just a few clicks thanks to the user-friendly UI. 

Moreover, these records are displayed via more readable graphs and charts, instead of blocks of text. These solutions take great care to send the most vital information up front, especially if it’s concerned with the patient’s treatment.

Just imagine the amount of paperwork that will equate to the thousands of patient data that may be stored in a single digital platform or database. Oftentimes, that’s how assisted living software is designed to guarantee everyone’s convenience (and undeniable resource savings).

And if you are worried about losing that data overnight, cloud technology integration and other backup solutions often remedy this dilemma in no time. 

Time. That is what you will get out of utilizing effective senior living software. 

Free Up Precious Time for Your Staff

When all is said and done, time is arguably the most precious resource that you need to make the most out of. It’s directly related to a lingering issue among assisted living facilities, after all, not least of which is scheduling. Ultimately, the more time you unlock, the better your relationship with your staff will be. 

This, of course, comes as a direct result of their satisfaction from being free online timesheet from burdensome workloads and toxic shift assignments. With it, you’ll finally be able to fill in the lingering scheduling gaps that only drag your entire community down. 

Being able to provide specialized, customized care requires time. Finding out the improvements that need to be made in rendering care requires time. Forming stronger bonds with residents requires time. 

However, how can you possibly free up time without using a solution that can make impactful positive changes to the facility? We struggle to name any other viable solution today that can rival the magic that an assisted living software can weave. 

Therefore, it’s only logical that facilities, especially the struggling ones, should regard it as a turnkey solution that can turn things around for them.


The effective use of senior living software leads to a positive community-wide domino effect. We only need to think about the amount of time that managing records eat up to realize that many assisted living facilities are not operating in the best conditions. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this software provides the readiest and steadiest helping hand to pull them out of this quagmire.

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