How Consumer behavior has shaped e-commerce and product page development

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs just build random product pages and e-commerce stores, not concerning themselves with how consumers behave online to begin with.

According to market authority Aleph Website, consumer behavior can be broken down into 3 major categories of behavior. Understanding how your consumers behave will allow you to make better choices and more-educated modifications to your e-commerce and product pages.

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Instinctive Purchase Behavior

Urgency, Countdowns, One-time offers, Off sale, etc. These are all forms of marketing efforts directed toward activating the Instinctive mechanism in the human brain.

Humans act without much thinking if they see a good limited offer and purchase without much thinking about the actual price, or the ecommerce portal development in hyderabad product.

Emotional Purchase behavior

Humans are mammals and emotions are very powerful decision drivers. In many situations, humans purchase products based on emotions.

What can influence emotions and drive sales:

  • Colors
  • Good emotionally charged copy
  • Image depicting the desired emotion

Intuitive Habit Purchase

Finally, intuition plays a major role in buying products.

If you’re running an online store, make sure to copy elements from amazon, ebay, wayfair and others. This is so because the user is accustomed to a certain experience and has developed the sense for what an ecommerce should be like.

Fulfill expectations and don’t fail your customers!

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