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How Do People Understand Life And Its Hardships?

Have you ever bothered about knowing the true meaning of life? Some say life is meaningless, hard, war, sweet, mystery, etc. Would you agree to any of these beliefs? Well, let me share with you some bitter truth about life and season it with some good news for you.

We often expect things to go smoothly in our lives, but somewhere along the line — things get choked up. Then you will start feeling bad, disappointed, and hopeless. What could be clogging the pipeline?

Where You Have No Control

I want you to remember that you cannot control everything happening around you. It is therefore important to know when to hold on to and when to let go.

The moment you are born unto this planet, you automatically get a family, nationality, and religion. You would have to fight for all these or against all these while growing up. You may realize what you were taught in your childhood doesn’t matter or not everything is important.

So when you grow up enough to be able to make your own choices and decisions that is where your real life begins. You must be very careful about what you choose. Because every decision you make will contribute to your future all your future endeavors.

In view of that if you fail in the future, don’t blame it on anyone but yourself. If you achieve success, then you would be proud of your effort or whatever or whoever was there for you from the beginning.

If you think too much about the past, you may become a failure in life. It is not necessary to worry about past mistakes or unpleasant experiences that happened in the past. Learn how to keep going when things are not good.

Success belongs to those who work hard and never give up. In short, what I’m saying here is; you cannot control the past. But the future is yet to come. There are many other ways to maneuver to make the future favorable to you.

And then again, when living life, people will surely talk about you. Mostly, discouraging messages will come from some family members, friends, co-workers, etc, but that shouldn’t bog you down. Stay focused on your goals. You can’t control other people’s actions or thoughts. Yours is what matters. So always look at the brighter side of life.

Where You Can Control

Now you have a powerful machine called “brain.” You have absolute control of your thoughts and actions. So be very mindful about :

1. The kind of goals you set. They should be realistic.

2. How you entertain certain thoughts. Allow only positive and inspirational thoughts to rule your daily activities.

3. The kind of people in your friendship circle. Weep out all the negative people from your life if you really want to see a positive result in your life.

Understanding Life In Simple Words

I never forget to remind people that, this world is not a good place for anyone who is a coward, weak and lazy. Because to become successful in life is not on a silver platter. You would have to go through a lot of challenges before you can make it.

However, there are few people who were born silver spoons in their mouths. I mean they inherited a great fortune so I will say they are lucky. But if you want to move from rags to riches, then understand that —life is war. You have to fight relentlessly for your goals.

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