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How Do You Duet on TikTok – Everything You Need to Want

TikTok is one of the leading social media, which offers tremendous opportunities for self-expression. Even more, it is an advanced content publishing platform. You can display videos using vivid formats, hashtags or effects.

Nowadays, thousands of users shoot cool videos on their phones and upload videos every day. Many TikTokers have already become real stars. Due to this massive popularity, TikTok has been coming with some unique and new features.  Duet function is one of them, and this means the creation of a joint video.

Whatever, if you want to know how to make a duet video on TikTok, you can read this guide from top to bottom and register here. This article will provide everything you need to want for doing a duet on TikTok.

Procedure to make a duet in TikTok:

Duet on TikTok content is one of the trendy types of short videos on this platform. Most TikTok bloggers have shot this kind of video with their acquaintances. Even by using these features, you can get the opportunities to capture the reaction or your opinion with animals.

Initially, doing a duet on TikTok, you need first log in to your TikTok profile. Now, you must go to the section where the desired video is stored and open the author’s page by searching his nickname.

By clicking the arrow on the right side, you need to play the video. Thereby, you can see the duet function and open it by selecting the Icon. After doing this procedure, you can quickly shoot an excellent TikTok video.

In addition, when you complete this procedure, you can customize your video the way you want. You can include hashtags, music, and various effects. To make an eye-catching duet video on TikTok, you should take enough time and customize your video.

Some most trending ideas for duets on TikTok:

Duet with yourself:

Duet with yourself means that you will shoot duets on your own videos. It is one of the most popular duet formats in TikTok. For example, doing dance on the most commonplace and adding these video clips multiply.

In addition, you can take off a shortcut, where you will play several roles or sing with yourself. A stunning example of such a duo is the 3-screen replica.

Voice acting:

It is suitable for such a duo to have an announcer’s voice, but by the way, it is not necessary. If nature is not endowed with a beautiful voice, you can try to sound an excellent video in the style of Courage Bombay or come up with a funny text.

Complete the task:

Such videos are filmed specifically so that duets can be created for them. An example is a lesson in diction. To do this kind of duet, you need to repeat the tongue twister after the task provider.

If you want to create such a video for the duet format, leave pauses on purpose so that the second TikToker has time to respond.

Performing a song together:

You can sing simultaneously to get a different timbre of voice for you and the author of the original. You can even find a special video for a duet, where part of the text for the second author is deliberately omitted.

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