How Long Can You File A Car Accident Claim In Atlanta?

A car accident case has specific time constraints for the victim’s application. Not only a car accident case, but any legal case has a timeframe within which the victim should file a lawsuit against another party. Many victims have insurance coverage plans to protect them financially. You should contact a Conyers Car Accident Lawyer to deal with legal procedures and deadlines. 

The victim of a car accident case should follow the deadline and consider follow-ups with the insurance company. However, one should inform the local authorities and file the claim immediately after an accident. Otherwise, there could be a risk of weakening the case or getting the claim rejected. 

Deadline for filing a car accident claim in Atlanta:

A person has to abide by the statute of limitations which allows them to file a car accident claim and initiate legal action. The laws and protocols define the deadlines for filing a claim. Otherwise, the case would be considered irrelevant or fraudulent and ultimately rejected. 

The statute of limitations states that a victim has up to two years from the accident to apply for a car accident or personal injury claim. The type of claim should be filed for injuries and damages. If the deadlines are met, the victim might get fair compensation. 

A “discovery rule” allows the victim to file for a car accident claim for more than two years. It is because an injury can take months or even years to develop. The victim gets an additional period to file the claim that the injury was discovered near the two-year mark. Lastly, the victim gets to file the car accident claim within four years from the accident date if they face property or asset damages. 

Other accident scenarios with different deadlines: 

It is possible that the victim did not meet the accident with their car or commute. Some people use cab services like Uber or Lyft. One might be able to claim the damages from the driver and not the cab sharing company if the driver failed to activate the cab application/software. You might get a timeframe between six months – one year to file a claim.

Some of the accidents involve responsible government vehicles. In such cases, one would have six months to file the claim if the accountable car was a city or county vehicle. In the case of a state vehicle, you might have one year. Lastly, if a federal government vehicle is liable for the accident, the victim would get the utmost two years to file for a claim. 

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