How Online Startups Can Leverage Basic SEO Tactics

When it comes to trying to run a new company amidst a competitive industry, there are few things more crucial than relevance. Without relevance, it can be hard for any company to get off the ground — even if they might have some of the best services in the market. There was also a time when trying to run a new company with a focus on online products and services was not recommended, as the over-saturation online made it challenging to build a supporter base.

However, things have changed. The COVID-19 crisis has pushed many people to adopt a more introverted lifestyle, where most of the things they want and need can be purchased online. To help stave off further infection, many homeowners are content to stay home and purchase even basic necessities online. The volume of online users has now made it entirely possible for a startup to get ahead of the competition, provided they make use of the right tactics. Safari SEO Cambridge have seen a huge influx of new businesses looking to pivot their online strategy in the wake of the global pandemic with as many as 61% of business coming from brand new companies over the last 12-months.

To help with online reputation management (ORM), the use of search engine optimization (SEO) is not just recommended — it is mandatory to ensure that a startup maintains a foothold in their chosen industry. After all, the slightest mistake could lead to a downward spiral that not many startups can survive. Thankfully, the top SEO companies Denver have plenty to offer, and efficient use of professional services will undoubtedly make things easier. Here are just a few ways online startups can leverage basic SEO tactics to ensure success.

On the topic of the mobile platform and marketplace

For most online-focused startups, it is often best to make use of platforms that already have a strong pull with the mobile community. For example, the use of Shopify or Amazon allows a company to focus on products and services without necessarily having to worry about much else.

However, it does pay to consider the mobile market as the primary target audience no matter the company. Most homeowners are only willing to go online shopping with the help of their smartphones, and it doesn’t really matter if they also have computers and laptops. If the primary website does not fully support mobile, the company owner can expect many users to leave upon reaching the first page of the site. While it would be a waste not to improve the browser version along with mobile, the best thing to do would be to focus on the latter to ensure that the online startup makes the most out of their opportunities.

For web optimization, consider user-friendliness over everything else

While many online businesses are already aware of this, some startups might not know that Google is set to release an algorithm update known as the Google Page Experience. It aims to add more depth to the algorithm’s ability to detect user-friendliness and user experience (UX) as core factors that go into ranking a website in their search results. It is a big deal, as companies that have always made it a goal to push for UX will undoubtedly be rewarded. For a new company, it presents a rare opportunity to get ahead of the curve by focusing on user-friendliness right off the bat.

For example, do not bother with complicated and generally inspired website choices that only aim to beat around the bush. Consider lessening load times by removing unnecessary content and widgets. It would also be a good idea to consider the image resolution of the browser compared to the mobile, as the loading times can be drastically reduced by utilizing the right dimensions of images for the mobile platform. Instead of adding more and more pages to the website, focus instead on content marketing with articles and blogs — anything else that includes the services should not take too long to avail. If the products and services are buried in the website, most people will simply leave.

Make use of the underdogs in social media

One of the primary methods utilized by the top SEO companies Denver involves the help of content creators to spread the message of the business. Outreach methods include sending emails to see if they are willing to partner up for a lucrative deal. For startups, it can be challenging to get hold of the more popular content creators in the social media space, as they likely already have plenty of deals lined up.

Fortunately, popular content creators and influencers are not the only resources for a startup. As a matter of fact, it is arguably better to make use of a content creator that is on their way up, as it helps establish a positive relationship with their subscribers. There could even be a merchandise deal set between the company and the content creator, allowing the potentially millions of subscribers to associate the merchandise with the company.

Respond immediately to negative reviews

The online reputation management software does not take kindly to negative reviews. All it can take is a single review from an influential reviewer for things to go downhill. Even negative reviews of relative unknowns can still cause plenty of trouble. Fortunately, there is still a solution in the form of rebuilding trust between company and consumer. 

As soon as the company spots a negative review, it is crucial to respond as soon as possible and show the customer that the company is willing to make amends no matter the case. A genuine response (while still being professional) can help turn things around. Even if the customer does not respond to the reply, it at least shows that the company is willing to turn things around. Sometimes, a negative review can be a blessing in disguise!

While it might seem overwhelming for a startup to have to deal with so many roadblocks to becoming successful in a competitive industry, keep in mind that there is more potential for success now than there ever was for an online startup. All it takes is a bit of effort in the right place and a willingness to be consistent. A focus on user experience and the use of top SEO companies Denver can develop a fantastic foundation.

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