How People Play Slot

Slot are very popular, people coming to the casino always use them. There are some type of people playing slot differently. Below are some general rule of thumbs to play slot, for now type of slot online is not covered much in this article.

Slow down when you are playing slot machines. There are no prizes for the player hitting the spin button the fastest. You will lose less money if you play more slowly.

Don’t play more than one machine at a   time. Playing more than one machine just leaves you more exposed to the house edge. In the long run, you will just lose your money more quickly.

If you like to hop from machine to machine, make sure you take your coin cup with you. Sometimes players will leave a machine in a hurry and forget their money. If you leave your change and walk away, chances are it will be gone by the time you go back to retrieve it. When you take your player’s card out of the machine, make it a habit to put it into your coin cup. This way you won’t forget to take it with you.

If you play the new ticket out machines, make sure to take your cash voucher.  Some of the machines will beep loudly once the ticket is printed.  You shouldn’t depend on this because in a noisy casino you may not hear it. Make it a habit to reach for your ticket as soon as you hit the cash out button.

Reading the pay table of the machine can help you judge the frequency of winning spins. If you see a lot of combinations that return smaller wins, then this machine will usually have a larger hit frequency than one that has only a few large winning combinations. If you want to stretch your playing time, choose the machine   with the higher hit frequency. This will give you a better chance of making your money last.

If you hit a jackpot, make sure that you “lock up” a profit. Take your initial playing stakes and some profit and set that money aside. Then play with a small percentage of your winnings. Depending on the size of the jackpot, I recommend no more than 25 to 30 percent. There is nothing worse than the feeling of being a winner and then giving all your winnings back to the casino.

Remember that credits on a slot machine are real money. Some players lose sight of this because the credits have no dollar amount attached to them.  This makes it easy for some players to gamble with and lose their winnings.

People In-Charge 

There will be times when a machine runs out of money and requires a hopper fill. You should stay by that machine until the attendant arrives. If you walk away, someone could sit down and claim that it is their money. Push the button to light up the change light.  This will bring an attendant to the machine.

Slot machines have a sign that says “malfunction voids all pays.”  If you feel that a machine has not paid you for a jackpot, call over a slot attendant immediately. They can have a technician run back the last few hands paid to see if there was a problem with the machine. You may get paid for your win after all.

Jackpots are paid by hand when they are too big for the machine’s   coin hopper to accommodate the coins. A quarter slot machine can usually payout 1,000 coins or $250. Anything more would require an attendant to bring you your winnings. On a dollar machine anything over $400 will usually require a hand pay.

When you hit a large jackpot, you will be required to show a photo ID. Have it ready for the attendant. They will check to make sure you are of legal age. If you are underage, the casino can deny you your winnings.

If you hit one of the big progressive jackpots that pays a million dollars or more, you will be paid in an annual annuity rather than a lump sum. This is great for the casino because they can retain the money from the jackpot and pay the player out of the interest they collect, the same thing is generally applied in the judi slot online website too.

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