How Technology Is Impacting the Human Race

We live in the year of science. There are many technologies invented for leading a better human life. Some of them have a good impact, and some also have a lousy Impact on us. It reduces our time limitation in work and provides us great feedback. Nowadays, we cannot think about a single moment without the use of technology. We are not around technology, and technology is around us.

Modern Advancement of Technology 

There are many kinds of tools around us, all of are called technology. Still, some have a significant impact on our lives, such as Mobile phones, industrial machines, clothing and accessories, medical instrument, etc. Almost there is 20 type of technology in the world. All are the creation of human beings. Modern Advancement in technologies makes our life so much more comfortable but also impacts our body. Where face-to-face communication is impossible, technology provides there a better Performance of learning.

Advantages of Technology 

In modern life, it makes a student active to learn new things through it. It helps people with busy time maintaining, create a shortage in travel duration and most common thing it reduces our cost.

Disadvantages of Technologies 

In education procedures, students lose their thinking or imagination skills. People are not using their minds and knowledge; sometimes, it can be costly to afford these technologies and can be a problem for our health issues when people use them over the limit. Sometimes it kills our most variable time.

Technologies have both negative and positive impacts on some sectors in our daily life. Sometimes it helps to enrich our knowledge, but it also drives away some people for misusing it. It takes the whole world into a short circle. We want to know or buy something or sell something or achieve something, and we can get it by using technology quickly. Technology increasing our vocabulary for better learning. As we are in the year of technology, we have to depend on it.

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