How this next-gen baby bottle going to change the way to feed your baby

Science has evolved a lot, and so all the other things. In the past, feeding a baby was like a nightmare. But as the technology evolves, new products are coming on the market to make it easy for mothers and babies.

Inttero baby bottles are already considered the best baby bottle of 2021,  and is changing everything known about feeding your baby. So why the next-gen baby bottle is revolutionary? Let us find out about it here.

Always Ready When Nou Need It

Perhaps, one of the most stressful sounds in the world, is the cry of a baby. So, imagine all the stress that this could generate to your baby while waiting for you to prepare the formula right before eating. We believe that all this excess crying because of the long waiting time is definitely not healthy for your baby.

With Inttero, everything changed. Parents are now able to pre-load everything in the bottle and prepare as many as they need for the whole day and night. So, at the first signs of hunger from the baby, they just need to pinch the bottle nipple with their fingers and give a couple of shakes, so, in just 2 seconds they are ready to start feeding the baby. At nighttime, parents can have a couple of bottles on the nigh table, and they will be ready to feed the baby just like that.

All this, besides this bottle also has a unique nipple that really replicates a breast, instead of just a nipple as all other bottles in the market. This creates a more comfortable and natural feeding time for the baby

Best Air-Free Anti Colic Vent

One of the biggest problems we found with traditional baby bottles, is their ventilation system. Air-vents are one of the most important working features in a modern baby bottle. So, Inttero has invested a very long time developing our incredibly precise and efficient air-vent. The size and shape of our new vent system are specifically chosen to maintain maximum air ventilation, even when the bottle is fully loaded and gravity is creating maximum liquid pressure on the nipple in a feeding position, outstandingly duplicating natural breastfeeding flow and pressure.

Bottle Transition Like Never Before

Another common complaint about baby bottles, is the complicated transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding; also known as “nipple confusion” or “bottle rejection”. The entire Inttero team recognizes the importance of breastfeeding for the health of all babies; so an incredible amount of work went into perfecting inttero’s unique, soft and very helpful nipple design.

  • Its perfectly designed air-vent, efficiently controls the vacuum pressure inside the bottle; making the flow of the liquid much smoother for the baby.
  • The size and shape specifically designed to mimic the breast and how it behaves while suckled by the baby.
  • Its unique design allows you to squeeze the nipple as the baby is feeding, closely recreating the natural practice in a breastfeeding experience.
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