How to Buy Dry Herb Vape Pens

When you want to vape dry herbs, it is important to have the best vape pen you can use. If you are struggling to choose among the thousands of options, this article will help you. Read more


If you want to try dry herb vaping, you should read this article because it will help you find the right one for you. Dry herb vape pens are not the same as the typical ones you see. They let you directly vape and inhale the herbs, and it is not just about getting the plant extract and concentrates. This brings you closest to the herbs. There are so many vapes out there, but you need the ones that use 510 threaded batteries

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Dry Herb Vaporizers

Instead of the herbs getting burned into smoke, they use hot air with convection and conduction heating in order to boil the goodies. After that, vapor is produced. This is similar to smoking with a loose leaf material similar to a pipe, which means you can control the vapor. This is similar to smoking. Dry herb vapes are in different shapes and sizes, but they all have a heating chamber, mouthpiece, and battery. They are not the same as dab pens, which will only vaporize the concentrates, but can still provide a portable and easier method if you want to consume dry herbs. 

Convection Heating

Two popular kinds of heating technology are convection and conduction. During conduction, the dry herbs directly touch the heating coils. This induces a heat ingredient the side that touches the coil is warmer compared to others. The conduction also increases the possibility of combustion. You will lose a lot of herbs if it does not heat up correctly. 

Buy a Good Grinder 

Dry herb vapes do not work properly if you do not grind the herbs well. You should consider it as an added investment. It is best to use sharpstone grinders, which are durable, compact, economical, and efficient. 

Different Temperature Settings

In order to control the strength and flavor of vapors are everything you are looking from a dry herb vape. Recently, there are a lot of models, especially the newest ones that offer variability 

Normally, vaporizers have 3 temperatures which are low, medium, and high. Every level has a specific taste and vapor density. For example, lower temperatures generate thin clouds with smoother flavor and has weaker hits. 

In contrast to this, higher temperatures produce clouds that are denser and thicker, the stronger hits with potent flavors. 

Chamber Size

If you want a long-lasting vape session, you need a good chamber size. The larger chambers accommodate more dry herbs, which means you do not have to reload it for a while. However, the ones with huge chambers are less portable. You have to compromise this if you want longevity. 

Make sure to have the best oil cartridge battery for more power and better vaping sessions to enjoy while you are out. 

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