How To Calculate Marijuana Doses From Test Labels

If you are a medical marijuana user and need to learn how to calculate marijuana dosage, then this article will teach you the trick. How to calculate marijuana doses from test labels is crucial if you are considering using the drug to treat certain ailments that you are experiencing. When researching for the correct dose, you want to be sure you are not putting yourself at risk by misusing it or ingesting any amount that is considered too much by your physician or caregiver. And it is also an essential part of becoming an educated consumer about the proper use of medical marijuana.

Knowing the right amount to consume is vital in limiting the risk and you’ll be able to experience a successful treatment regimen.

Ways To Calculate Marijuana Doses From Test Labels

Learn more about this as we tackle this topic further in today’s article.

First, Know The Formula:

In case you don’t know this, there is actually a formula for getting a reasonable dosage of any marijuana product you are going to use. And you can use this formula even when the product is not yet tested in the laboratory. Although, one thing to remember is the result will depend on the level of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) present in the product. So the first step in determining the right dosage is to know the THC level of the product that is prescribed by your doctor.

Dosages Of  Marijuana As Percentage Wise:

According to the US government, the national average of THC levels is 10%, the average THC level that most dispensaries have in their cannabis products is 3%, though some top-shelf strains may contain a whopping 30% of THC as also indicated on medical marijuana labels.

If you’re using a schwag variety, which is a low-quality type of weed, you should start your estimate closer to the 3% mark. However, if you’re going to use a top-quality variety, then you may start your estimation close to 10% dosage.

But if you need more guidance, then we recommend you to follow this formula:

1 gram (gm) of marijuana = 1000 milligrams (mg)

So, 10% of 1000 mg = 100 mg – And this is where you’re going to start your estimate.

Hence, the formula for your right dosage is:

% of THC level in the marijuana product you are going to use ÷ 1000 = dosage amount in milligram

Why You Need To Calculate The Right Dosage

Like any other product, having too much of something is always not good. And, this is also true with cannabis products. Yes, medical marijuana may have beneficial effects on our bodies, but this can only be obtained, if you consume it at the proper dosage. But, first, you need to know dosage type. Mainly, there are three types of dosages.

  1. Under Dosage
  2. Over Dosage
  3. Proper Dosage

So, now we will check the effects of every dosage.

  • Over dosage can lead to serious heath problem.
  • Under dosage may give you less or no effect.
  • Proper dosage according to doctor will help you get better results.


Hence, calculating the correct dosage using the formula we provided is needed since the dosage differs from person to person. In short, your dosage may be higher or lower compared to other individuals that the product may not be as effective if they ingest it based on your indicated dosage. Aside from that, determining the right dose prevents you from cannabis overdose which may cause other complications, even death, rather than treating your underlying condition.

So to be safe, always follow the right dosage before using medical marijuana.

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