How to Choose Blankets for the Bedroom

Blankets are an important part of bedding. They are of utmost need during winters to keep the body warm from freezing. Nowadays there are types of blankets that are used to get relief from issues like stress and tensions. Today, blankets have got many names like comforters and duvets. But, all these fall under the category of blankets. Blankets are the oldest method or technique that helps us in staying warm.

Whenever you buy a mattress there are multiple things that you need to take care of. You not only have to take note of the color that soothes your eyes, but also the appropriate size, and quality of the material used. There are a few more factors that need to be kept in mind while buying blankets.

Types Of Blankets And Their Features

Choosing the right type of blanket can be an important consideration for those who are expecting. The first and foremost task is finding a blanket that works on the hygiene and sanitary considerations, so that it ought to be hygienic, whereas it isn’t likely to cause irritations or allergies. Secondly, by considering how to choose a blanket for a bed, you ought to quickly realize that the benefits here are not appropriate, as you risk getting a regrettable fabric of low quality, that at worst, quickly deteriorates into an unpleasant and potentially costly issue. You ought to have a basic understanding of the various types of blankets to avoid making an error in selecting a blanket. The following are a few types of blankets, with their pros and cons:

  • The first sort of blanket is a duvet cover. This is a top that goes over the duvet, thus covering up the duvet. It is often a flannel-type fabric with the sleeves rolled up over the shoulder so that the duvet is not exposed. It has a valance, which covers the neck and comes in a variety of colors and designs, from plain black to plaid patterns. The duvet cover is often machine washable, and its size is typically large enough for most families.
  • The next kind of blanket is the plaid blanket. These are often used for warmer weather and when used with a duvet cover they offer a cozy feeling. The plaid pattern comes in many variations, such as with zigzags, circles, and squares, all of them featuring various colors of plaid. Most often these are hand-sewn items, but there are some patterns where the seams are machine-sewn, too, and these may cost less. They do have many different looks, though they all give you a sense of warmth and coziness.
  • The next choice would be the traditional blanket. These come in both flat and curved types and can be bought in any type of material, including cotton, wool, and silk. Although they are long-lasting, they are more expensive to buy and take a long time to dry.
  • The next choice would be the lanolin blankets. These, unlike the other types, are made of sheepskin, which is one of the softest and most comfortable materials available. This means the blanket can provide a great level of comfort, and because the wool is highly breathable, the chilliness caused by the cold never bothers the user.
  • The best option is to buy plaid blankets. Plaid has been around for a very long time – it first appeared in the thirteenth century – and these can be woven in a wide variety of colors. Although there are various ways that plaid can be cut, the traditional style uses a series of plaid threads sewn together, and these are the main characteristic of the blanket. Although they may not last as long as a lanolin blanket, they do offer a great look, and their high quality means the blanket will provide service life.
  • The final choice, we will discuss are the hollow structure blankets. These are made from a combination of polyester and natural hairs. As the name suggests, the blanket is filled with a mixture of natural hair, such as lambswool, and polyester, mixed with a few beads. However, this does limit the blanket’s appearance, as the beads do not have a good sheen. They are usually brightly colored, though.

How To Choose A Blanket

  • Look For The Appropriate Size: If you are buying a blanket, either for you or your kid, then you need to look for the one that would fit your size. Your blanket should be so big so that it covers the entire mattress. There are a few standard measurements of a typical blanket but nowadays size varies.
  • Look For The Appropriate Fabric: The blankets in the market are available in multiple types of fabrics like cotton, wool, cashmere, synthetic, etc. You need to look for the fabric that covers your all-around needs in the bed.
  • Look For The Appropriate Weave: Blankets are made in different types of weave for experiencing a different level of warmth. You must talk to your vendor and purchase the one according to your suitability.

Apart from blankets, you can also add shams to bring elegance to your bedroom. Shams may be termed as pillowcases or blanket covers that are made up of a different type of fabric and bring color into your bedroom. Your bland bed turns out colorful by the application of shams made of comfortable colorful fabrics.


So, we have looked at how to choose a blanket and the types of fabrics that would be appropriate. The next thing that you should pay attention to is how to care for your blanket. It is important to avoid over-drying because this will cause the fibers to become damaged. You should also avoid using too many towels while washing because using towels will remove some of the heat from the blanket, and so retain warmth less. If possible, when washing, use cold water and a soft brush to remove any dirt on the blanket, and then tumble dry in the air. If your camel blanket gets particularly dirty, you may consider giving it a deep clean.

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