How to choose your party tent?

When you receive guests, a party tent allows you to organize your outdoor space without having to fight the weather. It can protect your guests from the sun, wind, and light rain so that they can reunite with friends, family, or dine together on special occasions in the garden. The reception area, shape and accessories are all criteria to be considered when choosing a reception teltudlejning that suits you.

What is a party tent?

When preparing for special events outdoors, party tents are a practical solution. On birthdays, weddings, or lunch with friends, it can protect guests from the sun and bad weather, while protecting their privacy. The garden tent combines indoor comfort and an attractive appearance, allowing guests to walk around as they please. This occasional device adapts to the outdoor space and gives it extra beauty. It consists of a metal structure and canvas to be assembled.

Different types of party tents

There are different types of tents to choose from, depending on the size of your garden, the number of people you want to accommodate, and their decoration.

  • Folding party tent
  • Folding Barnum adapts to outdoor space.

Easy to assemble and disassemble, it has a curtain that can be closed to protect guests in rain or hot weather, or removed as needed. Barnum curtains also have light translucent windows so that diners can sit comfortably while enjoying the outside scenery. Some models are equipped with storage bags for easy storage and transportation of the tent.

Pagoda Tent

  • Modular, the pagoda tent can be fully opened or closed to the outside.
  • It consists of three walls, two of which have windows and the front is open for easy entry and exit.
  • The device can well hide food or beverage reserves and even sound and video equipment.

This is an original and very beautiful udlejning af telt model. Its name comes from the Asian pagoda whose spire echoes the architecture.

Big top

The structure of the tent is larger than the folding tent and the pagoda tent. It consists of a steel or aluminum structure covered with canvas, which is more suitable for large-scale receptions and events planned for winter. Its strength increases its resistance to bad weather, sunlight, and wind.

What shape of the tent to choose?

  • There are several forms of reception tents:
  • Square reception tent: low-key and elegant, ideal for small gardens or small ceremonies.
  • Rectangular reception tent: It is the perfect solution for large-scale outdoor banquets or gatherings, gathering many guests together.

Round tent: very design, this bubble creates an intimate cocoon, enjoying the magnificent view of the garden and very romantic inside and outside.

What are the criteria for choosing your reception tent?

Before organizing the reception, the choice of the leje af festtelt will be determined by several parameters, depending on the type of event organized.

Tent surface

The surface of the tent depends on the number of guests and therefore the type of reception planned. For seated dining, it is recommended to calculate 1 sqm. per person using a round table or 0.80 sqm. per guest using a rectangular table. For a night of dancing, calculate 1.50 sqm. per guest to take into account the space for the sound equipment. For stand-up buffets, such as cocktail parties or receptions, each person should have 0.50 to 0.80 square meters of space. Therefore, a 12 sqm tent can accommodate 8 to 24 people, depending on its interior layout.


Another criterion to consider before buying is the footprint of the tent. It is determined by the size of your land and where you want to install Barnum. For a simple reception tent, tent sizes can vary from 2 x 3 meters to 3 x 9 meters.

Structural materials

  • The tent should be made of strong materials that can withstand wind and rain.
  • The structure of Barnum ensures its robustness. It can be designed in the following ways:
  • Steel: widely used in folding tents, resistant to bad weather and corrosion.
  • Aluminum: Lighter and brighter, bringing extra beauty.

Remember to pay attention to the size and thickness of the tent legs and their height in order to install the lighting system.

What canvas does his reception tent use?

Canvas material

Depending on the material and thickness of the canvas, the tent will be more durable. It is usually made of the following materials:

  • Polyethylene tent canvas: anti-corrosion and anti-ultraviolet, the most widely used.
  • PVC tent canvas: waterproof and UV resistant, this material will be more durable over time.
  • Some models can be treated as waterproof.

Canvas weight

The weight of the canvas provides information about its resistance the higher the weight, the stronger Barnum’s resistance to severe weather. However, canvas will be heavier and more difficult to transport. It is recommended to choose a model of 140 to 200 g/m² for medium-sized tents.


The shade of the garden tent canvas helps to decorate the outdoor space. The white reception tent breathes life into the garden and sublimates it in summer. It is a color suitable for weddings. The gray reception tent is more modern and gray (silver, pearl, etc.) is very suitable for chic villas.

  • Black reception tent: deep and modern, black is more primitive than other colors, but the elements (furniture, accessories, lighting, etc.) under the tent are warm and colorful.
  • Transparent tent: mostly used for round tents, transparent tents create happy bubbles while enjoying the outside scenery.

How to set up a party tent?

The reception tent offers the possibility of creating a short living space in the garden. It can be installed in the outdoor location you want, depending on your land and model.

Freestanding tent or fixed tent

Freestanding tents can be set up by sticking your feet into the ground, while more sturdy units will need to be anchored to the ground. Collapsible Barnum’s are faster to assemble but less resistant to strong winds.

Set up tent

Party tents are easy to set up but, depending on their size and weight, may require the intervention of two or more people. The canvas should be mounted on a metal structure and attached at various points with nylon connectors rather than plastic. The goal is to prevent wind from passing between the frame and the cover.

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