How To Convert Mp3 to Wav

If you are planning to edit a sound and looking for the best format to edit the audio file then, WAV format is recommended. No doubt, Mp3 is also a suitable format. But, if you wish to produce quality content by your podcast and productions, it is tough for MP3 to beat the 16-bit WAV files with unlimited storage. So, how to convert MP3 to Wav format? The answer is EAVNO. The software is available for free to convert MP3 to Wav format.

Mp3 and Wav are some of the oldest and most commonly used audio formats. The significant difference between MP3 and WAV is, MP3 is a compressed file with lossy music whereas, WAV format is uncompressed with lossless music. Lossy means that the file doesn’t compromise audio quality; even the file holds compressed data. WAV file is commonly used to store more detailed information. In contrast, MP3 files are easy to transfer and upload. WAV format is best for the creation of seamless loops of audio for projects and flash animations. In addition, it helps in inserting music files into PPT. The WAV file format can store LPCM and ADPCM.

MP3 is developed to replace or replicate the CD quality with smaller size without any difference. Audio file compresses up to 10-12 factors to convert it into MP3. With the help of lossy compression, the 66MB file will be compressed to 6 MB. The discard information from original audio is determined by the process of temporal noise shaping and perceptual. MP3 file has a lower bit rate ranging from 90 kbps to 320 kbps. Lower bit rates produce lower-quality audio.

It is pretty apparent when a picture is compressed, and it loses resolution. In the same way, in the audio world, the information is less for processing audio and smaller opportunity available to correct and adjust your sound to the best quality. Poorly recorded compressed audio files can not be fixed. However, if you have the whole audio (WAV file), You will have a greater chance to improve the audio quality to sound amazing. You can fix the high resolution as per your desired need which is very important. You will make the ‘S’ sound less painful, reduce the ‘HISS,’ adjust the sound to make it sweeter, which is very important for a podcast. In a podcast, you must be solving people’s problems. If you cannot fix your background ‘HISS’ sound, you fail to achieve your goal.

If you are planning to edit a sound and looking for the best format to edit the audio file then, WAV format is recommended. No doubt, Mp3 is also a suitable format. But, if you wish to produce quality content by your podcast and productions, it is tough for MP3 to beat the 16-bit WAV files with unlimited storage. After completing the converting process, you will export it to MP3. You will have the rich compressed file into a smaller file which, will be crisped like an MP3 file.

Advantages of MP3:

Small File format:

The size of mp3 is tiny to be stored on huge libraries easily, and handheld devices and mp3 files can be distributed quickly. However, because of its minor size feature, MP3 is still a widely used format.

Overall sound quality does not affect as file compresses with little perceivable difference:

The overall quality of sound is almost like original that even a listener can not find out the loss in information. However, because of minor differences, the listener can still enjoy the excellent quality.

Easy to Convert:

Mp3 files can easily be converted through online free software like EVANO.


Quality is Disgraded:

No matter how smaller the file size is, you will have to sacrifice the quality because of MP3’s lossy compression. Lossy compression creates the nasty side effect in MP3 files.

Not Recommended For professional work:

Due to its lossy compression, the MP3 format is not recommended for professional work. Many engineers and studio owner uses WAV format to get the best quality audio. The artifacts and loss of quality means, MP3 is not recommended for professional users.

Advantages OF WAV file

Retains The Full Quality:

The WAV format retains the quality of original audio as it is an uncompressed and lossless file. The best part about the WAV format is the quality after conversion remains the same as the original.


It is easy to convert MP3 to WAV format. A new computer user can convert it easily by online easy-to-use software like EVANO. The conversion process is user-friendly, which is the best advantage of the WAV format.

Advancement in Home Recording

Many software officials use the WAV format. So that, it is continuously upgrading to give the best solutions to its users. For example, nowadays, popular home studio audio interfaces offering up to 193 kHz recording rates. Such a vast dynamic range is available in only WAV format.


The software which I frequently used to perform day-to-day tasks is EVANO. It is one of the recommended software from my side. EVANO is available online for free. The premium version of Evano is also known for its premium user at a lower rate. There is numerous conversion software available on the internet. But they all are paid software.

To some extent, these softwares provide a free trial, and once those trials get over, you have to buy their premium package to continue your conversion process. However, EVANO has widely used software that allows its user to convert unlimited files to different formats. In addition, the premium package of EVANO comes up with more storage for professional users to meet the desired demands.

How to convert files by using this Software.

  • Open EVANO on your address Bar.
  • Select the upload option and upload the mp3 file.
  • Press the Convert button to WAV format.
  • Then download the WAV file and enjoy the music.


We have explained the need to convert MP3 to WAV format in detail. Why it is required, a clear difference between the MP3 format and a WAV format, and how can you convert an MP3 file to a WAV file. We have explained the advantages and disadvantages of both audio formats. Although both formats have their specialties and it depends upon the user’s need. If he is professional, he must go for WAV format, and if they want an audio file with a smaller size and ready to compromise with the quality of sound, he must go for MP3.

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