How to define the average salary offered to an architecture graduate

The rapid development in India along with urbanization has led to an increased demand for the development of affordable living spaces that are aesthetically pleasing. This boom created in the market is the biggest employer of any graduates from the best b.arch colleges in UP. The best architect in Lucknow is involved right from the planning stage of the building design to the implementation of the building. This career allows professionals to tread a fine line between the arts and the sciences by balancing a variety of factors ranging from technical, functional, and aesthetics. 

Eligibility criteria

However, to be able to work as both a scientist and an artist one needs to have an architecture degree from the best b.arch colleges in UP. The institutes that produce the best architect in Lucknow require a basic requirement of a five-year undergraduate course that needs mathematics and English as mandatory subjects. They would also require a cut-off of at least 50 percent in the class 12 examination. Further specialization in this field is possible by undertaking a master’s degree. This ensures a higher level of knowledge and skills with considerable clout in the job market. 

Roles and responsibilities

The responsibility of the best architect in Lucknow is to ensure that their creations are environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and fit the ambiance of their surroundings. The course offered at the best b.arch colleges in UP helps one to define these structures in a way that all aspects of the building are taken into account. The career needs flexibility and versatility along with a high degree of specialization. One would need different skills to build a residential home than when they build an auditorium at a college. The role of the architect is to design the entire project and help during the construction phase as well. They maintain the connection with the past and the culture to provide the best structures.

Salary package

The salary of a fresher from the best b.arch colleges in UP can start around 2.5 lakhs per annum. This salary increases gradually with experience and individual skill sets. The best architect in Lucknow may command astronomical figures as salaries vary widely. Private companies usually pay much more than the government sector who hires skilled architects. One should also take into consideration, other benefits while calculating the salary. These benefits usually provided at a government job may include sick pay, life insurance, health insurance, paid vacation, job guarantee, work-life balance, and more.

Where to find employment?

The best places to find work for architects who have graduated from the best b.arch colleges in UP is dependent on their preference in the private or government sector. Salaries also depend upon the city where they work and there is also a huge discrepancy in salary if one migrates to other countries which might be more than even the salary offered to the best architect in Lucknow. However, the best employers of architects in India are the Public Works Department, Archaeological Department, Public Sector Undertakings, Housing and Urban Development Corporation, City Development Authorities, and private players in the design and construction sector.

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