How to Easily Memorize the Multiplication Tables?

Kids need to understand and memorize multiplication tables from an early stage. It is an essential skill that builds the foundation for various math concepts like fractions, percentage, factorization, and many more. Memorizing multiplication tables is helpful to gain confidence while doing simple calculations in daily life. Memorizing multiplication tables is often a difficult milestone to achieve for many students. One of the efficient resources to learn multiplication tables is a multiplication table chart. It is a tabular representation of times tables that show the products of two numbers. Usually, one set of numbers is written on the left column, and another set is written as the top row with products of these numbers listed as well.

There are various other activities and engaging exercises that train a child’s brain without them actually memorizing multiplication tables. These activities help children familiarize themselves with multiplication tables and feel comfortable using them without the pressure of knowing them by heart. Unfortunately, some children still struggle to learn multiplication tables a little bit more than others. Here are some additional tips for memorizing multiplication tables from 2 to 20. Parents can help their child memorize the multiplication tables by following the simple steps listed below:

Provide a basic understanding.

A child requires to know why they have to learn and memorize the multiplication table. Firstly they should understand what multiplication is – relate it to add or explain it as a faster way of adding. Use different manipulatives, skip counting, or other activities like flashcards. Allow them to explore the numbers’ patterns through skip-counting tables, the table chart, interactive puzzles, etc.

Explain Why it is Important.

Before introducing multiplication tables, an important thing to do is explain the importance and use of these tables. It will help kids to learn the usage for better memorization and learning. There are various ways to help children familiarize with multiplication tables like table chart, flashcards, writing tables, reciting multiplication tables, etc.

Be interested in math yourself.

Family math activities are an amazing strategy that offers repeated practice while making the learning more fun and engaging. You can simply strengthen your child’s muscle memory with simple family activities that reinforce math learning and practice in a fun way. Activities like showing colorful flashcards for multiplication tables will build their memory and will help prevent forgetting in kids.

Acknowledge their success.

When you are happy and acknowledge your child’s success, they’ll be more inclined towards performing better. Praise them by using some verbal recognitions like telling them how awesome they’re doing. If they’re progressing slower than you expected, don’t stress them. Criticizing may kill any learning ability. Encourage them to do better.

Once the child establishes a basic understanding of tables, you can search some resources like interactive worksheets, puzzles, and games to see how much your child has learned. Using games and interactive worksheets can help in grabbing a child’s attention to perform better. They won’t feel the stress or fear of assessment, which will help them learn fast in a fun-filled environment. And most importantly let them have fun while learning. Also checkout the Sad Quotes About Pain And Love.


Multiplication tables are not as hard to memorize as some people think—all it requires is finding the right teaching approach and methods. While introducing students to multiplication tables for the first time, you should first start by explaining multiplication as repetitive addition, making it easier for them. After this, use some of the learning activities you find most interesting. Cuemath provides some interactive worksheets and activities to make multiplication tables easy and fun for kids.

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