How To Keep Your Electric Bike From Getting Stolen

An electric bike for commute offers many conveniences. It is much easier to get around on a bike powered by a battery that helps you pedal, even if your route takes you through difficult terrain.

An electric bicycle also represents a significant investment, one that you need to be vigilant about protecting. Bike thieves know that electric bikes are more valuable and may target your ride specifically. Fortunately, there are a few relatively simple things you can do to prevent the theft of your e-bike.

Purchase a Good Lock

You may want to start looking for bike locks for sale even before you start shopping for your electric bike. You should choose one that consists of a heavy-duty chain. Don’t choose a cable as these can be cut fairly easily. Don’t choose a combination lock either. A patient thief can figure out the combination by listening to the clicks that the tumblers make inside.

Vary Your Parking Spot

Don’t park your bike in the exact same spot every day. This can attract the attention of thieves, who can then make a plan for stealing your bike based on your observed habits. There are probably several bicycle parking spots available at your place of employment. Try to lock up your bike in a different location every time, or at least never in the same spot two days in a row.

Bring the Battery In

You usually have to leave your electric beach cruiser locked outside when you get to work or while you run errands. However, valuable components such as the battery are removable. This makes it easier for someone to steal or tamper with your bike battery, but it also means that you can remove the battery and keep it with you to prevent it from being stolen. This may seem like a bit of a hassle, but it is preferable to incurring the cost of a replacement because the battery was lost or stolen.

Store the Bicycle Out of Sight

When you’re away from your residence, you probably have to lock up your e-bike in view of others. Home is a different matter, however. When you are not on your bike, you should store it in a safe place where it will not be visible to passersby, such as a garage or shed. It is especially important that your bike not remain out on the street, even if locked up, overnight. The cover of darkness makes it easier for a thief to act, and your bike may not be there in the morning.

Insure Your Bicycle

Ordinarily, a homeowners or renters insurance policy protects your bicycle. However, there may be exclusions for electric bikes, or the coverage may not cover the whole replacement cost. In a situation like this, you may want to purchase a standalone policy for your e-bike. This way, you are fully protected. If your electric bicycle is ever stolen, your insurance company will cover the replacement costs.

Don’t let the chance that your e-bike may be stolen deter you from the purchase from an online retailer. Following these tips reduces the risk of theft, and the benefits of riding an e-bike far outweigh it.

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