How to place furniture around a corner fireplace

If you’ve got a corner fireplace in your front room, you almost certainly find that arranging furniture around isn’t that easy (especially if you furthermore may have a TV therein room).

You will probably need to try several different arrangements of your furniture to seek out the one that appears the simplest together with your particular furniture in your particular room. if you are looking for a Chimney Sweep Mecklenburg County, NC service near me, the professionals at Smoke Alert Home Fire Safety can help.

Don’t ignore the corner fireplace because it’s the focal point of your room.Make sure to place your TV close to the fireplace so that your furniture faces the fireplace and the TV instead of facing one and ignoring the other.

Here are some design ideas on how to organize your room around a corner fireplace.

Corner furniture with fireplace

You can tilt your furniture so that it is parallel to your fireplace. Tilting a sofa will take up more space in your room than having it flush with the wall, so this furniture arrangement may not work in smaller living rooms. This furniture arrangement is especially effective if your TV hangs over the corner fireplace.

Having angled furniture in the room is a more contemporary design and may not sit well in a home with traditional furniture.

Perpendicular to the chimney

If you don’t need to put a TV in your room with a corner fireplace, consider placing your furniture perpendicular to the fireplace. You can have a sofa in front of 2 chairs with a coffee table in the middle. The fireplace is going to be visible to people that are seated without anyone’s back to the fireside.

Perpendicular to the fireplace and parallel to the TV

Assuming your TV is on the straight wall to the left of the fireplace, consider placing a chair perpendicular to the right side of the fireplace next to a sofa that is parallel to the TV.

The person sitting in the chair won’t be able to easily converse with the people sitting on the couch, but everyone will have a good view of the corner fireplace and the television.

Sectional sofa

If you have a TV along the wall by the corner fireplace, a sectional sofa may work well for you.

Assuming your television is on the wall to the right of your fireplace, place the sectional sofa with the shorter side against the wall to the left of the corner. As a result, the long end of the sectional is parallel to the television.

Make sure the arm of your sectional is way enough faraway from the corner fireplace to not cause a fireplace hazard.

Far behind

If your room is large enough, place your furniture away from your fireplace.The further back the furniture is, the less off-center the corner fireplace will appear. You can place your sofa in parallel with a TV on a straight wall adjacent to the fireplace and besides that sofa you can place a reef aquarium without the corner of the sofa being too close to the corner fireplace.

Subdivide the room

If your room is large enough, you’ll subdivide the space into different zones using the arrangement of your furniture.

Consider placing a couple of chairs perpendicular to the corner fireplace to create a small reading area, then create a different area in your room for the large furniture and your television. That way, each area has its focus.

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